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February 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

So for the rest of the Wedding Wednesday posts (after today's) I'll be going through PRO PICS!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited! Kama is mailing them to me and I should have them VERY soon! I can't wait to share them with everyone! So look out!

Roatan: So beautiful... We went snuba diving on that day. The pics are still on our underwater camera and will get developed before the year is up.... I wont promise anything earlier. lol. It was so cool. Snuba is like snorkeling only you are attached to a floating diving tank with a 20 foot tube. It was awesome and so much fun!

The day right after that we were in Costa Maya... it was cool. A little colder than the day before.
Jake and I totally forgot it was Christmas time.... Until we saw this gigantic tree in while we were waiting in line for our bus.
This was on the bus to the reserve where we were going to go cave tubing... we were getting everything ready to go and I realized that our waterproof camera was busted...We had just bought it the night before.... We were sad, but we still had a whopping 3 pictures left on the camera from snuba... One of which we didn't know about and Jake accidentally took a picture of my butt..... Classy.

Belize was G.E.O.R.G.O.U.S.... but windy and a little chilly... This was our shopping day.
This is me with my first ever close encounter with a monkey. It's name was Kiki and he really likes Jolly Ranchers.
on our next day it was a bitter 68 degrees and rainy...
So we got dressed up and went to the chocolate show where I made Jake stand next to a chocolate Eiffel Tower.... Then we proceeded to get our nightly ice cream cone.

The following day we had to skip our final beach day because of the weather. So we putzed around all day, got dressed up for the last night of entertainment and enjoyed the boats version of Circe DE Sollie! it was pretty impressive considering we were on a moving ship!

Once off the boat we had a day to kill. So we went to the port of Miami to hang out for the day and people watch. We were both exhausted and ready to go home.

Only going home really meant going to Maryland, getting delayed 5 hours.... Joy.
THEN going home...

It was an awesome honeymoon. I couldn't have asked for better. It was so relaxing and care free. The only thing we had to worry about was when the buffet was closing.... Which explains the 5-10 lbs I've put on since the wedding and, due to holidays and sheer laziness, haven't worked off yet.
There you go Loves!


ihatemichigan said...

Cave tubing sounds like fun! It looks like you guys had a great honeymoon.

Crystal said...

Stop touching the monekys head! He'll get mad!