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February 1, 2010

Mary Kay Product Review: Mineral Blush

Today's Product:

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color, $10

Product Description: Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color is so versatile that, no matter what your skin tone, you can start with a natural glow and then build fade-resistant color as you like it.
My Experience:
Well I love the cheek color because it lasts forever. I like to use the blush very lightly and with this a little goes a long way. I own one right now, 'sparkling cider', and it's just enough color to give me the fresh faced, dewy look. There are blushes with a little bit of sparkle (mini... not like full out chunks) in them to give the radiant skin look with the mini sparkles acting as a highlighter. There are also matte blush shades. I love it. I've had mine for almost 5 months and haven't had to replace it yet. Plus it's a mineral cheek color. So there is no fear of it clogging up my sensitive skin. Big plus right there!

True thoughts loves ;)

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