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February 17, 2010

Life Delayed Until Friday

Due to papers not being done I have slacked off..... I know. But you still love me right? (1 down, 1 to go!)
Snow day on Tuesday. I wish there had been one again today. I'm pretty much ready to be done with school. 40 credit hours is a lot.... But I'll do it. I'll get my dang degree and find a new job.... Someplace where I wont have quotas or deadlines... Where I can just do things how they'll work best for me........ Looks like that's gonna be a tuffy.

I just got my wedding pictures in the mail yesterday!!!! I'm so freaking excited. For those of you who have done wedding Wednesday how should I split things up? details, dress, flowers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, dancing.... I need to think of more so that there isn't an ungodly amount of pictures every post like how I did for the honeymoon stuff... (hehehe... call me lazy and I'll just smile and give you a hug. lol)

Thankful Thursday is being skipped too because I still have a 4-6 page paper to finish by tomorrow at noon... With a meal to make and a bible study to finish (5 nights of homework for it) and attend tonight....

Don't you just adore procrastination....

Last night when I had a fake business plan to finish I chose to do 3 loads of laundry and clean my bedroom...( Jake was freaked out by the bed being made.) as well as move some things around in the office so that I could 'work more efficiently'.... Then I played a game for 30 mins until 8:30).... then I started kicking some business plan ass..... 7 pages later I went to bed (around 12:30)..... and finished more this morning.... It's a skill..... and it's not as impressive as I like to think.... well I guess we'll see what my grade is.

Today I have to finish 3 more pages about Johnny Weir and his fox fur fiasco. I love him though. He's so damn talented!!!

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Brittany said...

OMG Did you see Johnny in his pink and black...totally reminded me of Katy Perry!!