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February 6, 2010

Inspiration: Tattoo

You've all seen or heard about the white tattoo that Lindsey Lohan has right? The 'Breathe' written in white ink?

Well I want one... But I don't want something that someone mainstream already has....

I have 1 tattoo already.

I am getting another soon... (small and behind my ear)

But for my third one I want something along the lines of this.... I don't know what... I don't know where... but I really like the idea of a non-invasive tattoo... maybe something pretty on my side where no one will see it unless I'm in a bathing suit? I think that with it being white and barley visible it would be a more personal tattoo... More meaning can be put into it. It would be just for me. make sense?


ihatemichigan said...

those are cool. I have two tatoos and have been wanting a third. I'm thinking my little baby's foot print.

Crystal said...

Not saying that you shouldn't get one, but some of them look like scars.