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February 23, 2010

Dear Readers, I Have a Problem....

This problem has to do with my hublove, Jake.






And when I say picky I mean meat and potatoes. Pizza and bacon cheeseburger with lettuce and BBQ sauce only. McChicken with lettuce only. Ribs and french fries. Steak and potatoes. Salad with Italian dressing (I think). *GULP* Home made chicken noodle soup. Spaghetti with meat sauce.... and the kicker..... general tso's.

what in the world am I going to do once we decide to have kids? Me who will eat almost anything.... Including brussel sprouts.... cooking for the hubs.... and kids who will look up to him... watch his eating habits and realize that if dad gets to make pizza rolls they don't want the grilled cheese sandwich that's sitting in front of them.

I'm in desperate need of new ideas for recipes to use on him. Gimme the classics (sans the lasagna type... Ugh that makes my heart hurt) Gimme the goods my chickas! I need to practice on him now and get this all out of the way before he makes me eat another of his General Tso's home made recipe.....

Thank you and ciao


Christine said...

You probably don't want to hear this - but here it is.

You need to talk with the hubs about your concern. Tell him that when you have kids you are worried that he will have the same eating habits and his kids will learn from watching him. Maybe talking about this in combination with branching out with different recipes will get him to try new things once in a while.

Some kids grew up in a house where everyone got to eat whatever they wanted. I did not grow up in one of those houses. It's possible that your hubs thinks it will not be a problem to have the kids eat whatever they want for dinner. You'll have to have that conversation to explain your thinking and find out his.

I'm still here... said...

I agree with Christine and recommend an easy meals cookbook - Kraft and Campbell's are famous for them.

Crystal said...

Start trying the recipies in your Campbell's cookbook. They are super easy, we've had a couple. Make notes so you know how to change them when you make them again.