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February 9, 2010

Dear College Education

Dear College Education,

You suck. I'm paying so much for you without the guarantee that I'm going to even be able to use you after I graduate. WHICH SEEMS TO BE NEVER!!!! Yes that's right. because you are stupid and only offer 3 classes a quarter that even count toward my degree, me and the 245 other people who need those exact same classes now have to mud wrestle over who gets to be in the class.... I am now extending you another quarter... That's 2 more than I expected. This is why you suck.

Love, E.patrice

P.S. Just because you cost a crap load doesn't mean you really even worth that much.... Go ahead and ask my Champs waitress who has her Ph. D. and still says there's nothing better than waiting tables on a game night..... Your just lucky I have high standards set for myself so I'm determined to have some kind of degree......

P.P.S. You'd also think that a degree in sports and leadership humanities (a.k.a. I don't want to ever have a real job so I'll just play for the rest of my life) would be an easy degree to get in 4 years...... think again....

P.P.P.S......... Enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

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