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January 13, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Portraits

So after the ceremony I had a totally hilarious moment.... Wait.... maybe I should wait to see if Kama got pictures of it.... Pictures would be the only thing to give it justice.... OK, scratch that....

After the ceremony Jake and I did the dismissal for the guests... It felt like it took forever. And even though I'm not really a 'hugger' I managed to hug everyone that came... Even the people who I've never met before.... It was weird.... But I just went with it. My mom was probably amazed. But it beat out standing at the back of the church while everyone and their mothers waited in line to shake hands with my bridal party.... (my mom wanted a receiving line... I pulled rank on that detail. lol.)

After that we had pictures. I was delegating and I felt bossy beyond belief as I racked my brain for every picture I could think of. (I'm brilliant and wrote out a specific list of pictures I wanted.... then proceeded to leave it in my room. once again.... Brilliant.) Kama was awesome in getting shots that were original along with the mandatory ones.
(Jake's dad's pictures)
The crazy G-Ma and G-Pa
Jake's family with his mom
My siblings-in-law
with Jake's dad

Kama's pic of the bridal party!

while Jake and I continued to get some pictures done my AWESOME bridesmaids went back to the prep room and cleaned up everything. I love them.
On the 'Red wall'

My fav! Me bein' sassy with my train and getting my bustle done by SIL and Big Sis (and G-Rob who was making sure it was done correctly)!

So everyone left except Jake and I as well as Kama and Marty and our ride. Kama was awesome and took us to a little Christmas tree lot that was across the street from the church. (I would have never thought of using it) And we got some cute festive shots! I LOVE THEM!

Then we hopped in the waiting SUV and dashed off to the reception.

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