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January 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Reception

The reception was awesome.

So the bridal party was waiting outside and everything. Cool. Jake and I showed up and get everything in line. My bustle was crazy heavy so I was sitting in the hallway just hanging out. We were all waiting for someone to tell us how to get upstairs so that our announcement could be made as we came down the big staircase right by the vault.

once someone came out to get us we were told to go downstairs and outside to a stairway... the boys went on a search to make sure we knew where we were going.... Needless to say as the girls followed behind a ways we all got lost. It was crazy. we all found our way back to the hallway and got ourselves an escort that took us the most simple way ever...

So as we were standing, inside, waiting for our directions from the DJ we all talked about random things. I made sure everyone had their partner. I gave Big Sis my bouquet to carry since I had 4.5 inch heels on. (not my usual height) so I could hold on and not fall to my death on my wedding day...

Everything went fine evidently... Until Jake and I were announced. It's amazing to me that he got our last name right.... But he announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Jason R....... Jake and I didn't even hear the mistake.... But other people sure did, and made sure the DJ was told he was incorrect. Jake and I didn't really care, and I honestly think less people would have noticed if he hadn't made a quick 'just in case anyone misheard me I did say Jacob' recovery. I thought it was hilarious. Neither of us noticed.

After all that we went and got food. We had lasagna, apricot chicken green beans and salad. I loved the food.... Jake is impossible to please. But Twin and Big Sis made their toasts...

Then we watched a picture slide show that a friend of Jake's made for us. It was awesome!

Jake and I decided to have Twin and Big Sis close so we could smash cake in their faces rather than each others... It was fun!

There was drinking, dancing and all around partying. TOB and I knew the thriller dance so we tried to get others who knew it to dance with us.... I was a little tipsy at this point.

A little ways into the night we had a moment for Jake's best friend who is currently in Afghanistan and couldn't be a groomsman.

Jake's buddy caught the garter and ironically he is getting married sometime this year.

All in all it was an amazing night. I only wish it could have been longer!

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

How funny...when I was maid of honor in my friends wedding they did the whole surprise cake smash in our faces. We were totally caught of guard...it was hilarious!