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January 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

So since I'm all out of pictures from the wedding until my awesome photographer, Kama, gets done perfecting (I'll take nothing less. lol) and editing my pics, I give you....


We will start off with packing. I started packing the day after the wedding. We had two whole weeks consisting of finals and papers to write... But I was determined to pack smart.... Which obviously meant heavy. My bag topped off at 53lbs... A few pairs of heels strategically placed in my carry on fixed that problem.... Little did I know that Jake's was only 24lbs...... Jerk.

My papa picked us up on that Saturday at, yes you guessed it, 5:00am... AM... Got that? We got to the C-Bus airport at 5:30 to catch out plane that took off at 6am. (Yeah... I wasn't thrilled... but Jake's dad gave us his flier miles :) ....)

Once on the plane I was wide awake

and transferring addresses into my new little black book. (I was planning on writing thank you cards on the way to and from.) It took the entire trip to Baltimore and Ft. Lauderdale to finish putting all the names and addresses into that thing. I was a little discouraged.

Once in Ft. Lauderdale we shed our jackets and stood in the rain/mist sunshine waiting for our taxi shuttle. And finally, after a 45 min drive we made it to the Hilton in Miami! We had the best view of the port and downtown.

I didn't take pictures of our time in the Hilton but we managed to stay in and order the WORST pizza I've ever had. It was an actual pizza place and their pizza tasted worse than any frozen pizza I've ever had.

But we boarded the boat the next morning, so I couldn't complain.

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