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January 19, 2010

Thanks for the break

Jake got a call yesterday morning from the urgent care right by our house that he interviewed for. They wanted to know if he was still interested in the job he applied for.

that's right.

Jake has a Rad-Tech job!

All the praying finally paid off. We don't have an exact start date yet and he's going to be at Target until we get the actual date.

But the pay is better. The hours are better... It makes us feel better.

Now we finally have 2 fixed incomes and can start budgeting our lives....

Jake downloaded Quicken 2010 and as of today we are putting all of our money in the same bank...

So I would really like your thoughts. I know we are going for 1 savings account. But should we have just 1 checking account.... or 3 with 1 separate for each of us and a joint checking account for groceries and such? I'm leaning toward the 3 checking accounts. It seems like a safe way to each have some 'me' money... but 1 joint account would make us more responsible about our purchases. Thoughts please?


Christine said...

I like the idea of 3. Then he can buy stuff and you can buy stuff without the other one questioning it. For example "You spent how much to get your hair cut?" "You bought another video game?"
Also, when Christmas and birthdays come, you can surprise the other person if you use a seperate account.

ihatemichigan said...

We have one checking account and then each kept a separate credit card the other one is not on because then if we need to surprise the other we can, and then just pay it off the next month.