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January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

It's time for...
I'm by far too excited for this....

this week I'm thankful for:

  • Hubs getting a job! - Now we can pay bills AND eat!

  • Changing names - Yes I'm only now just getting to it... So sue me! (for real.... not doing it sooner was killing me, but the holidays were too crazy and now classes just started.... the admissions office is going to hate me.)

  • Setting goals - I love them even if sometimes I like watching them scoot on off the list... sometimes giving a goal the finger is an OK way to start the new year...

  • Spell check - I know you love it too. (You should see this thing BEFORE I do spell check... The little yellow bars represent another reason why I'm second guessing my public school education)

  • Starting classes - Can I add that to the 'reasons why I hate my life' list too?

  • Professors with philly accents - Because 'Yes you had better believe I said that' made my day! (make sure you say it with a philly accent and imagine it in response to a question about online quizzes being open book.... OK you just had to be there)

  • water proof for boots - Because it sucks to have snow melt and slowly sneak into you BearPaw boots... Making your little socks wet for the rest of the day.....

  • Long phone calls with bestests!

  • The soap at work that makes my rings shine! So what if my hands are chapped and bleeding..... My rings look nice!

  • Moisturizer -Because going without during the dry winter months just isn't an option.....

Truth, loves <3

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