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January 8, 2010

My Eventful Morning, All Before I Even Had My Shoes On

So this morning I woke up and got in the shower, like normal. When I went to turn off the water I realised that my rings were gone... All of them. I racked my brain to think of when I could have taken them off and where they would be.... Nothin'.

I went into the bedroom and turned on my closet light so I didn't wake Jake up. right away I saw a flash of silver from the floor on my side of the bed. It was my wedding band. *Thank God* but there weren't any more....

I lifted my bed skirt to find my clauddah ring. *OK. Good. Good.*

I sat back on my feet and looked all around in the faint light. *I totally took off my rings while I was sleeping. damnit!*

I rummaged around my pile of wedding cards and gift lists looking for my engagement ring. *Oh God. Please let me find it. Please don't let it be lost for real.*

Jake rolled over and mumbled 'whatchadoinlove?'

'I took all my rings off while I was sleeping and now I can't find some of them'... Inside I was numb. I don't think I was thinking really at all. Just moving m hands and feet trying to find my engagement ring. I started searching past my side of the bed and found my promise band at the foot of the bed near our cedar chest. *Not the one I want. Where is it? Where is it?*

I went back to my side of the bed and checked in my pile of wedding gift receipts and music books. Stacking and shaking everything in sight. *Comeon. Be stuck in something and just magically fall out* 'I've never taken my rings off while I was sleeping before.'

my eye's were skimming my floor when I froze when I saw our heating vent.... *Oh God. Please no.*

'Jake, my engagement ring is still missing... I can't find it... What if it bounced into the vent?'

he pulled himself out of bed mumbling about a headache and sat on the floor next to me. he grabbed the sides of the vent and pulled it up when suddenly we heard something fall in the vent. *NoNoNoNoNoNo* 'Was that my ring?'

'No it was a plastic thing from the blinds' (the poor boy was soo tired and in pain.)

I jumped up quickly seeing a chance to get at the bed with him now out of it. I flipped all the pillows back and forth. I threw the comforter back and saw a glint of metal. *yes?* It was my thumb ring. *Ugh. Why do I have all these stupid rings?*

I put things back in order on the bed, why? I have no idea, and went back to searching the floor. I went through every pile of laundry (meaning my huge pile of laundry) shaking everything and placing them in a new pile. I went over to Jake's side of the bed and shook out his small pile of clothes. *Damn.Damn.damn. Where else?*

'Baby? What if I don't find it? What if Zeke ate it? What if it really fell down the vent?' I re-checked the vent and stuck my arm in as far as it would go. *Eww. Damnit.*

I laid down on the floor to get a better look under our ceder chest. *Maybe it rolled off the end of the bed and rolled under. Nope* I decided to just lay for a moment more when Zeke, our beautiful, adorable, funny bundle of fur comes and lays down next to my head to sniff the towel that was wrapped around my hair. *If you took it and hid it somewhere I'll skin you alive you cute, little shit.* I sighed, sat up and pulled the towel off my head.

'Love, you need to get dressed.' 'I need my ring.'

I threw some clothes on, barley paying attention. *Where is it?*

Finally I stood in the middle of our room and I couldn't move. I was done. Jake looked at me form his side of the bed. *It's no use. I'll clean the room and see if it's here when I get home.*

'I'll find it later. It's gotta be here somewhere.'

'Yeah.' Jake said as he turned... bent down. 'or here.'

I watched as he picked it off of the top of the pile of clothes I had just shook the crap out of. *Yessssssss*

'Ugggggggghhhhhh. I just looked there. Thank God' and I slipped my engagement ring on.

Jake laid back down on the bed. He was fully dressed and ready to take my to my sister's so we could go to work... I don't even know when he did that. I collapsed half on top of him. I was exhausted. But I got up, turned off all the lights in our room and went to salvage my hair for the day.

All in all, it was only about 45 mins... But it was the scariest 45 mins of our marriage so far.


etta said...

In the first month we were engaged, I took my e-ring off in my sleep and put it on my dresser. It was scary! I started taking it off before going to bed so I wouldn't lose it.

Brie said...

I'm glad you found them all! I'm so scared I'll do that or my rings will fall off so I take them all off and put them back in their boxes before I go to bed.

Brittany Ann said...

I'd have freaked, too! Glad you found them! My husband once lost his wedding band for a week! he left it in his church shoes before a shower on Sunday and didn't find it till next Sunday when he went to put them on!

ihatemichigan said...

Yikes! That is so weird that you took them all off in your sleep. Jake needs to get you one of those cool loiking ring holders for your nightstand.