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January 4, 2010

MK Monday Review: Mineral Foundation

My Foundation Background:

Throughout high school I used a hodge podge of foundations ranging from pressed powder, liquid, loose powder from different drug store companies. I was only OK with this process due to my ego killing acne that was, honestly, only ever 'mild' and not the 'severe' I always thought. Once out of high school I used Almay's liquid foundation for a while with only mediocre results and coverage. I tried anything that hinted to 'skin clearing' or 'clean' due to my break outs.

About 2 years ago my friends turned me onto BareEscentuals powder foundation. I really liked the powder and made due with the harsher application. The results were really good but the price was eating away at my bank account. I felt so bad about spending $25+ on a color that I had to blend SO much to receive the right coverage. It seriously took me a half hour to do my normal 10 min makeup routine.... yeah literally. with the foundation, bronzer as well as my eye routine.... I was on the look out for something similar but cheaper, but I was hesitant to use the 'comparable' mineral companies.

Today's Review: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, $18 (.28 oz)
Mineral Foundation Brush, $10

Product Description: A weightless, skin-perfecting powder that provides buildable coverage.

My Experience:
I first tried the mineral powder at a MK party that my then FSIL was hosting. It was amazingly light and took SO much less time to apply than my BareEscentuals. Plus it was a fraction of the price. So I bought it and took it home that night. From then on I was hooked. The application is so easy and fast. There isn't the necessary 'buff' process BareEscentuals has you do in order to get complete coverage. The brush was easier to hold than the stubby BareEscentuals brush.

There aren't as many color options as BareEscentuals... But because they're so sheer I think they're fairly good matches for your assigned color (make any sense?). Plus there's no blending option that BareEscentuals had with the whole 2 color thing... (I never really got that.)

The size of the container is WAY bigger than the $25 container I would get at BareEscentuals. I would say it's twice as large.

It stays on all day with a minor touch up needed if your going out that night. I have very greasy skin by mid day and the shine is still there but not nearly what it was before. I think this had to do with the application process. Bare Escentuals has you 'buff' their powder into your skin and while I wasn't pushing when I applied, but I think the repeated small rotating 'buff' motions may have pushed the foundation into my pores because I was still breaking out pretty bad (for my standards)

I apply my foundation similar to how I did with BareEscentuals. I swirl and tap... But instead of buffing, I just sweep over my face. the coverage is the same if not better than when I use the 'buff' technique.

I love this foundation for every day. It's sheer, light, easy to apply, and one container lasts forever.

True thoughts loves <3

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If you would like to purchase this product from me you can do an online order. Just check out my website at www.marykay.com/erin.patrice (I can ship your order!)


Kristin said...

How is it with sensitive skin?

erin.patrice said...

It's awesome! I have extreamly sensitive skin (if I sleep in makeup I'm screwed)and I like loose powder so much better. Plus it's mineral, buildable, and lighter on my face than any loose powder I've used.