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January 25, 2010

Mary Kay Monday Review: Satin Lips

Today's Product:

Satin Lip Set, $18

Satin Lip Mask, $9.50 (.3oz)
Satin Lip Balm, $9.50 (.3oz)

Product Description: Get satiny smooth lips that stay moisturized for at least six hours in two steps. Buffs away dry skin, then moisturizes to help keep lips soft.

My Experience:
Before this I was using Bath & Bodywork's sugar scrub lip balm and I was more into eating the sugar crystals than scrubbing my lips with it.

I started using the Satin Lip Set on our honeymoon, (so, recently) and I was at first weirded out by the whole lip mask situation. Your supposed to smooth the mask on your lips and let it stay for 1-2 mins.... I felt like a walking dead. But once I rubbed it off with warm water I was really caught by surprise. My lips were softer. The mask wasn't harsh or abrasive like the sugar crystals... It also wasn't really awesome tasting like the sugar scrub... But there is a small amount of granular in the mask.... And when you gently rub off the mask with warm water (I kinda buff it off with a warm damp cloth) the granules take off just a small layer of the dead skin that's there.... (gross, I know). Smoother lips = cool.

But that's not the best part.....

The BEST part of the set is the lip balm. OMG. If I could use that till the end of time I would. it is the silkiest lip balm ever. It comes out of the angled opening like any other balm.... But it is awesome. there is a light gloss. Nothing like crazy lip gloss. There is no sticky feeling AT ALL. It's just silky smooth. I normally do the set before bed and the moisture lasts until the next morning... no joke. It's not slimy or greasy.... It's awesome, especially during these dry months of winter.

I loved using the set on the cruise, even on the day that i think my lips got burnt from falling asleep when we were laying out. It was gentle enough to not hurt, abrasive enough to get the dead stuff off, and enough moisture to keep my lips from the 'after burn chap/lip peeling' experience.

True thoughts, Loves <3

If your interested in this or anything else I've reviewed, check out my website at www.marykay.com/erin.patrice (I can ship to you anywhere for free!)

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