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January 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yep. and I had to walk to and from class TWICE....

my hair froze because today, out of the past three days, I decided to NOT wear a hoodie. genius, I know.

Jake got an interview for a local Rad-Tech job. his orientation for target starts tomorrow. So if he gets the job he'll have at least one paycheck coming in-between. I'm very excited for him.... But nervous at the same time. I hope he gets the job.... But I'm so afraid of a possible depression that might follow if he doesn't get it......

Praying for no work tomorrow.... But needing the pay... I doubt OSU will call it anyway.... Dumb.

While, in my book, facebook does make it official, changing my name on there didn't give me the option to skip the social security office entirely. But it is now LEGALLY changed. I'm my husband's wife. lol.

I love to watch people. Today in the social security office I was amazed by the people in there. There were a few who were obviously there for similar, quick, reasons like me.... Then there were the others.

You know who I'm talking about.... The ones who you know are on something. Either they're drunk, on meth or coked out.... You can see them from a mile away. And listening to them talk about how their checks were short or how they lost their SS card.... or how their brother had to drive them here so they could get a number, wait in line, ask everyone around them questions about the process that they didn't know (due to not being government workers) and giving other people advice about the process right after being told a step by someone...... Only to get to the counter and be told that they have to fill out the same form with the state they lived in prior to this...... Just imagine the experience.

I imagine that a lot of them, if they could, should sober up and try to find a job just like everyone else in this country who is making an honest living. Why should any one's taxes pay for a person who decided that jobs are too taxing, so they want to stay home with their children so they don't have to pay for them to go to pre-school, and live off of government support.... I'm sorry. I'd rather my tax money go to bettering our school system, roads, or ANYTHING else other than this person sucking up all the money that they can because they know they can get away with it.

can you tell I'm bitter toward those feel as if they're entitled to things they don't deserve.

I'm sorry let me get off the soap box that I stepped onto for that weird moment... yuck. I'll stop that now.

On a light note... My cat was digging in my scrapbook stash and found a penis straw from my bachlorette party.... and evidently will NOT stop playing with it.... Imagine it: Black cat + penis straw + husband witnessing = "babe, I'm never getting undressed in front of Zeke EVER again'

I Die

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