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January 4, 2010

The AWKWARD Christmas Present

That's right Loves.... It's time for people to post about them.

To all my readers.... Post your single most awkward present that you received this holiday season.... And tell the story, if need be.

My awkward present moment..... (not so much the present... but the reaction)

So I was sitting in G-Rob's (Jake's German grandma) house waiting for our time to leave so we could meet up with my family and attend Christmas Eve midnight mass... When out of nowhere one of the boys comes out with a HUGE package (dirtys...) and he scoots it over to Jake and I.... I have NO idea what it is. I look at Jake and see his blank stare as we start hearing family members say 'OMG' (yes someone actually spelled it out), 'woah', 'I know what it is', and 'oh, well then....' So we start to open it....

It was a floating kitchen island. It is awesome! It fits our tiny, storage-less kitchen to a tee. It is black with a light wood top, wheels, a 2 door, 2 shelf cabinet.... Big enough to put our microwave on... Which is perfect. We love it!

As I listened to Jake talk to his mom about our lack of counter space and about how much we needed the extra space, out of the corner of my eye I see SIL kinda side whispering to TOB and Twin across the room. And since she isn't very good at signing, lip reading OR whispering I heard her tell TOB, that the island was from target and only cost 'like $50 and it's from Target. So let me tell you, it's not a quality piece of furniture. They just really needed storage for their kitchen'.

That, my Loves, was my 'awkward Christmas gift' moment..... Now, go blog about yours. I want to read. lol


Crystal said...

Ahhhh, to be the only child who never has to see a sibling get a sweet present.

ihatemichigan said...

Usually for christmas, my mother in law buys me a too large sweater from some store she can't remember, so I can't return it. This year I was thinking it might not be so bad, I might actually fit into it with the baby belly. Well, I was handed a very large rolled package, the kid with ribbon ties at each end. I unwrapped this weird shaped gift to find a rug, the kind you hook yourself, with a pretty ugly floral print on it. Well, I kindly thanked my MIL and she proceeded to tell me that she had made it for her mom, but since she passed away a couple of weeks ago, she just gave it to me instead. SO not only was the gift awkward and ugly...it was totally meant for someone else.