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December 22, 2009


So we're back from our 10 day honeymoon! It was so much fun and SO RELAXING!!!!! I'll post about that tomorrow.

'Wedding Wednesday' is in process.

The thought of finishing holiday shopping and our financial situation is making my hair fall out..... I think literally.

Jake and I now have a washer and dryer....... it's not really situated or hooked up... but we have them!!! I'm going to have hubs get that in order so I can wash all my vacation clothes.... not that I'll get a lot of use out of the clean tank tops, shorts and bathing suits..... but I'm too excited.

Missing my Kiki, Ezekiel... We can't being him home with us until Jake gets the final set of blinds for the kitchen.... Not that that will necessarily keep him from being spotted..... He's evidently become a recluse this past week.... it makes me want to cry.

Let me remind you that while Pan's Labyrinth is a good movie... it also is too graphic for little old me.... But the costumes and special effects are too good to get away from.....

I love being lazy.... This fact was highlighted 100% during the cruise. i think we were in bed... (not 'in bed'... dirty) every night by no later than 10.... and we watched movies till we fell asleep.... I think I've now seen 'Up' 4 times, 'Half Blood Prince' 2 1/2 times, 'GI Joe' 8 times, 'Julie & Julia' (sang to my blogging soul) 5 times, and 'Ice Age 3' about 3 times...... not to mention the random Christmas movies that played.... As well as the Wizard of Oz (which I watch totally differently now that I've seen 'Wicked')

At work once again.... gotta bring in that cheddah. (please pray that Jake gets a job this week. we're in need of the $$...)

Loves ya!


Brittany Ann said...

Welcome back!

ihatemichigan said...

Welcome home. Glad to hear you had a great time.