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December 23, 2009


So since our Thanksgiving was the day before the wedding it was a pretty hectic day.
Our first appointment was at Jake's grandparent's. We were required to be there... I wasn't too pleased since there were still a half stack of programs to be folded. But we went and made our customary 2 hour appearance... (it's expected and we were practically shoved out the door...i could go on about that family for days)

But a good picture from the day.

then Jake and I went to our place and finished up some thank you cards to our attendants... yeah they didn't get finished and therefore none got passed out.... what a waste of like, 3 days...

Then we went to my parents house to wait for the cousins to get into town. I love my cousins and second cousins. they're such fun even though I only see them once every 3 years or so... my second cousin, C-bear, reminds me of myself... when I was 14. She's awesome and was my Jr. Bridesmaid. She loved being a big girl for a change.

So after dinner all the girls stole away and went to the hotel for the night. We decided that it was only 9 and the hot tub was necessary. So we went and the 5 of us totally crashed the hot tub... no matter that there were 3 guys there.... we didn't care. after getting prune-y we went upstairs and got ready for bed. In our pj's we played the game dirty minds (all the while I was totally embarrassed for little C-Bear... but she kept insisting she's heard much worse at school and that she wasn't that naive... poor thing. it never lasts) and the older girls sipped on mimosas. it was glorious!

after talking until 1:30 we all decided to hit the sack... only to have me and Bestest go through every wedding or 'one day more' type of musical song we could think of.... It was pretty impressive and probably pretty annoying to the other girls... but we thought it was hilarious. Oh whatever I know everyone else did too. Hahahaha.

So that was my Thanksgiving.... It was fun!

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