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December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

2 in one day... Don't you feel special?

Today I'm thankful for....

  • MY HUSBAND!!! and the fact that I can say that now.

  • my new place... it totally different than living with the 'rents.
  • my newest family members... i now have a total of 4 sisters, 4 brothers and 4 parents.... and i now have grandparents again!

Not wedding related:

  • The NEW LAYOUT!!!! tell me what you think!!!!

  • Christmas music... it really puts a smile on your face no matter what... and you HAVE to sing along.

  • friends coming home.... with him... it's better he's home so he can re-evaluate his life... and get him out of that place.

  • gift shopping... i love giving to others!!!

  • tea.... it's saving my life currently...

  • VACATIONS!!!!! we leave in 2 days!!!


Brittany Ann said...

Love the new name!

Mrs. G said...

At first I was like.. who is this? Is blogger following who ever it wants now? But, seriously cute layout and love the new name.

Mrs. G said...

Ok I am totally jealous of you right now.... it is 14 degrees here... 14!!!!!