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December 29, 2009

My Voice Teacher is Going To Kill Me

Yeah... So for the past year and 3 months I have been taking voice lessons from P-Dub (that's his blog name at least... lol. I don't know if he'd appreciate that so much... but maybe he would. who knows, he's a crazy guy!) And things have been going really awesome! I've been progressing past even what I had hoped. (which I didn't know was possible) But with the wedding I took a week off. Then came back for a week... Only to go on the honeymoon.... Then get lesson called off last week..... And needless to say I haven't sang since before the wedding due to a broken Mp3 player..... And the sad part is YOU CAN TELL..... UGGGGGHHH!!!! You have no idea how frustrating it is to know that the crap that is coming out of my voice box is similar to how it sounded at this time last year..... It makes me Wait to cry. I was hoping to start scheduling gigs now that the wedding is over.. But now I'm afraid that I'm going to have to build everything back up again.... Sucks big time.....

I've decided that Mondays are now going to be 'Mary Kay review Mondays'.... I do sell MK but some people don't really know about the product.... so I'll be testing them all and giving my honest opinion about each product. I'll be honest in my reviews as well. I cant even imagine buying a product from someone who lied about how the product worked for them. No matter if it was their job or not... I'll also answer questions about the products if you have any....

Last night I made a dent in our mountain of laundry that was forming in our bedroom due to lack of washer and dryer... I can honestly say that I breathe easier when our place is clean.... i pick my battles... but things being dirty honestly bug me.... Which was NEVER the case when i was at my parents.

Evidence: (Look beyond what the pic is focused on... And remember these are 'clean' pictures of my bedrooms)

**Big Sis... Who ever told you that that was an OK outfit.... Mine and Hub's legs.... Broken bed (from jumping from door to bed you dirty mind you...) I totally didn't care that the box spring was on the ground...**

**I love those shoes.... That was the DAY I got my tattoo... New tattoo + 4 inch heels = bad idea.... What is that cord to?....That is ALL dirty laundry in the background. don't ever believe me if I try to tell you otherwise**
So there you go.... Me wanting to clean all the time is a little unbelievable, but true.

Starting to think about resolutions.... you should too...

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