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December 28, 2009

Good morning Monday.... (even though your a jerk for not being a snow day)

How was every one's holiday weekend?

Mine was more eventful than I wished for. I'll update with pictures soon.... This whole not having Internet at home thing is killing me.

well not being able to afford cable and Internet is really the bummer.... But we're surviving.

I have scheduled posts coming up so watch out. I'm going to try to get all updated by this week.

For Christmas I got....
From the Hubs:
Coach Bag
Pandora charm (for the cruise it has a little anchor on one of the sides)

From Others:
Yellow wallet (I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">SOO much)
LOTR movie set
Harry Potter movie set (with Half blood prince)
Gray yoga pants
pancake set
beer bread set
brown sweater
brown flats
black yoga pants
OSU hoodie, shirt and workout shorts
kitchen island on wheels (that took Jake 4 hours to put together)
willow tree figurines for our nativity (shepherdess and 3 wise men)
Christmas tree Pandora (for our first Christmas)
kitchen utensils (like we need any more)
hair dryer
flat iron

There was more but i cant think of it... It was a fairly small Christmas with lots of little gifts. But that was to be expected with a wedding JUST happening.

My sister being gone for the holidays was really hard actually.... Def not my favorite holiday for her to be with the other side of her family. But that's life.

Hope everyone had an awesome break!

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