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December 8, 2009

Day Before

So the day of my rehearsal (which was the day before Thanksgiving) I started off the morning with an eye doctor appointment. This was of course scheduled so I could use the last of the insurance provided by my parents to get a totally awesome discount on my D&G reading glasses... I'm a snob, I know.

Then i hurried on over to get the feet and hands fixed up. It was totally nice getting a pedicure. I love them. I picked out blue polish and got a complimentary white flower put on. Why? Because I was the bride, of course!

then I got acrylics. Yep, my first pair. I was so nervous about a nail breaking after I would get them done so I decided to cover my precious nails that have been awesome since high school, and protect them with plastic kill proof ones... Yep they were kill proof, itch proof, and bruised but B-e-a-utiful.

After the nails my sister, Bestest, mother and I ran over to the reception hall to drop off decorations for Mrs. G, who was decorating using her keen skill of taste. I placed everything in her more than capable hands. We walked in and found the floor getting resurfaced. It was a little scary to see the construction workers, but the floors the day of the wedding were worth the worry... anything but that hideous red carpet that must have been from the 70's.

Then it was time to get dressed for the rehearsal. I chose to wear the same blue dress I wore for engagement pictures based on the perfectness of the blue. I also was having a rough time finding a perfect white dress to wear. It was awesome and cost a total of free-99.

The rehearsal was cool. Everyone was there early minus my brother, who is like me and loves a grand late appearance... I'm sure the 4 year old monster had nothing to do with it.

The rehearsal was kinda confusing, even to me, with all the craziness. I think I was only the second or third wedding our priest had performed. It was cool though. We were done in record time.

We left and got to the dinner where we ate City BBQ, gave gifts and hung out with our families.

And since we had a whole day in between then and our wedding, Jake and I had an awesome, relaxing evening.

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