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December 24, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

So yes... It's the day before Christmas eve and here is my holiday post.

Due to the honeymoon Hubs and I are only just now putting away our limited harvest decorations and putting out our Christmas decorations... Hopefully next year I'll have things more organized...(and hopefully Jake will be home).

I put up the tree Tuesday night after our second to last bout of Christmas shopping. only 2 people left to get 1 thing for each. I'm excited. Our tree was bought for us by my parents. It's a 6 foot SKINNY fake tree that I actually love and it fits perfectly in our living room. My ornaments are missing at the moment due to being boxed and put where I don't know where they are... and Big Sis and her lawyer-in-training hubs moving in with the 'Rents in order to save for a house... I don't mind really. It's just a good thing Jake has a million.

The cat loves it already... but he's a tree kiki... evidence from last year.

Z is with us for now and we are doing a time share of him with my parents... We really don't want to get caught with him and are going to use the babysitting excuse if we ever get caught.... hopefully that will work. Our land lady is very absent though so as long as neighbors don't rat us out we should be fine.... (how can there be a no pets rule for house cats and fish anyway.... they're inside all the time and cant hurt anyone... just because4 some one's dog bit someone like 4 years ago... we shouldn't be punished for it.) Who can resist this face?

There aren't many of our holiday decorations out to make it feel more like Christmas after our week in the Caribbean.... (that is going to be added onto wedding Wednesday after all the wedding pics are shared which should only take about 4-5 posts)

Tomorrow should be interesting as first Christmas' go. It's a day of starting new traditions. Wish us luck!

(p.s. please pray that Jake gets the job at OSU..... or any job really.)

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