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December 8, 2009

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Stories

OK so I know I haven't said much about actual wedding events that have been going on. So I'll start now. Pics to be added once Big Sis gets some to me... or puts some up on her facebook.... either way.

The Bridal shower was in October.. I know, I'm a slacker.

It was cute and harvest themed. My sister and sister-in-law planned it out where we had chili and all kinds of yummy fall foods. I had about 30 people there and got quite a bit of stuff. It was really awesome and overwhelming having all the attention on me and seeing all of Jake's family and my friends together. (90% of my family live out of state and couldn't make it to the shower).
So from there I didn't let Jake touch any of the shower gifts just in case we ended up with duplicates and the other stuff was better. Not gonna lie, we did multiple registries and many things were on each one... Like a waffle maker, blender and bedding.... So therefore we were waiting to unpack things.

The 'Thank you's' took forever due to having wrong addresses, wrong present lists, people not being there but still having gifts there.... It was kinda stressful. But I think all of them went out except 2, of whom I do not have addresses or ANY contact information for. Can't find any. How they got the invite for the shower in the first place, I have no idea.

Anyway during present opening there were many blond comments made by me. One time I said I couldn't read what it said then quickly stating that I was literate.... Then realizing people would guess that from all the cards I was reading...It was a redundant statement and I felt dumb for about 4.5 seconds.

A lot of people started asking me if I knew what this was, or the formal name for that, or what the other thing was used for. It was pretty funny.

I'll post pictures as soon as my sister emails them to me...... Crystal! Let's get on that.

Then Was the bachelorette party

We started off the night at this awesome restaurant called Gordon Biersch. It was yummy. My bridesmaids were there along with some friends. crystal showed up fully stocked with appropriate bachelorette party attire including penis name tags, a penis tiara, a 'bachelorette' sash and pink mardigras beads for everyone.

during dinner we played 'bachelorette Mad-gab' where everyone else filled out the worksheet and I had to read it out loud... Lets just say that a few of the sayings weren't quite PC or appropriate. imagine slang terms for every body part known to man as well as some very descriptive adjectives and adverbs.... it was awesome....

After dinner and me receiving some awesome gifts *wink wink* we went over to Big Bang... It is a piano bar in the Arena District. It was singularly the best time I've ever had at a bar. This even tops karaoke nights anywhere. All the girls and I proceeded to get drunk (minus the big sis) and have a blast!!! there were inappropriate pictures taken, Tenacious D songs played at my request and a short time spent on stage. It was AWESOME!

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ihatemichigan said...

I love the Big Bang Bar. The best place for a bachelorette party