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December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!!!!!!!!

I hope this next year brings all you have wished for and more!

Pictures from NYE past:



I cant wait to get pictures up for this year!!!

Talk to you in 2010!!!!!!

P.S. Resolutions to come.

New Years Eve Wishlist

If I could go out and get a new outfit for tonight's NYE party it would be.....
But alas... The shoes alone are in the $500 range....
Instead I am wearing similar as follows from my already existing collection of clothing. I still love it.... But new things are always fun!

I'm going to attempt the smokey eye look.... I'll let you know how that goes.

What are you wearing out tonight?

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for....

  • Being married!!!!

  • My hubs!

  • Upcoming birthdays!!! (MINE)

  • Having my own place.

  • Holidays with totally crazy family events

  • Having my sister home.

  • Hubs starting to look at jobs hard core.... (It's only sad when you think that he's finally feeling the bills pile up)

  • Purses.... I think I'd die with out one.

  • Inspiration.... I have ideas about how to make our place feel more like home!!! Finally!

December 30, 2009

Wedding Wednesday... Me Before the Ceremony

So needless to say I was ready WAY before the ceremony. But it was good because I had time to get some pictures and get excited.

first to get pictures was me, of course.
Kama was AMAZING!!!
then the girls came to get pictures

Jake got pictures next.... But there weren't any in the teasers so this is all you get (other than the one with The Twin). Can you tell we're both excited?

It was pretty funny because the windows where we were getting our pictures taken was around a small corner and up a short set of stairs from the room I was getting ready in... So I'm hoping my videographer got some cool panning shots of me standing ready while Jake was just out of sight getting his pictures taken.

It seriously was the best day of my life.....

December 29, 2009

My Voice Teacher is Going To Kill Me

Yeah... So for the past year and 3 months I have been taking voice lessons from P-Dub (that's his blog name at least... lol. I don't know if he'd appreciate that so much... but maybe he would. who knows, he's a crazy guy!) And things have been going really awesome! I've been progressing past even what I had hoped. (which I didn't know was possible) But with the wedding I took a week off. Then came back for a week... Only to go on the honeymoon.... Then get lesson called off last week..... And needless to say I haven't sang since before the wedding due to a broken Mp3 player..... And the sad part is YOU CAN TELL..... UGGGGGHHH!!!! You have no idea how frustrating it is to know that the crap that is coming out of my voice box is similar to how it sounded at this time last year..... It makes me Wait to cry. I was hoping to start scheduling gigs now that the wedding is over.. But now I'm afraid that I'm going to have to build everything back up again.... Sucks big time.....

I've decided that Mondays are now going to be 'Mary Kay review Mondays'.... I do sell MK but some people don't really know about the product.... so I'll be testing them all and giving my honest opinion about each product. I'll be honest in my reviews as well. I cant even imagine buying a product from someone who lied about how the product worked for them. No matter if it was their job or not... I'll also answer questions about the products if you have any....

Last night I made a dent in our mountain of laundry that was forming in our bedroom due to lack of washer and dryer... I can honestly say that I breathe easier when our place is clean.... i pick my battles... but things being dirty honestly bug me.... Which was NEVER the case when i was at my parents.

Evidence: (Look beyond what the pic is focused on... And remember these are 'clean' pictures of my bedrooms)

**Big Sis... Who ever told you that that was an OK outfit.... Mine and Hub's legs.... Broken bed (from jumping from door to bed you dirty mind you...) I totally didn't care that the box spring was on the ground...**

**I love those shoes.... That was the DAY I got my tattoo... New tattoo + 4 inch heels = bad idea.... What is that cord to?....That is ALL dirty laundry in the background. don't ever believe me if I try to tell you otherwise**
So there you go.... Me wanting to clean all the time is a little unbelievable, but true.

Starting to think about resolutions.... you should too...

December 28, 2009

Good morning Monday.... (even though your a jerk for not being a snow day)

How was every one's holiday weekend?

Mine was more eventful than I wished for. I'll update with pictures soon.... This whole not having Internet at home thing is killing me.

well not being able to afford cable and Internet is really the bummer.... But we're surviving.

I have scheduled posts coming up so watch out. I'm going to try to get all updated by this week.

For Christmas I got....
From the Hubs:
Coach Bag
Pandora charm (for the cruise it has a little anchor on one of the sides)

From Others:
Yellow wallet (I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">SOO much)
LOTR movie set
Harry Potter movie set (with Half blood prince)
Gray yoga pants
pancake set
beer bread set
brown sweater
brown flats
black yoga pants
OSU hoodie, shirt and workout shorts
kitchen island on wheels (that took Jake 4 hours to put together)
willow tree figurines for our nativity (shepherdess and 3 wise men)
Christmas tree Pandora (for our first Christmas)
kitchen utensils (like we need any more)
hair dryer
flat iron

There was more but i cant think of it... It was a fairly small Christmas with lots of little gifts. But that was to be expected with a wedding JUST happening.

My sister being gone for the holidays was really hard actually.... Def not my favorite holiday for her to be with the other side of her family. But that's life.

Hope everyone had an awesome break!

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

And to all a relaxing day!!!

December 24, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

So yes... It's the day before Christmas eve and here is my holiday post.

Due to the honeymoon Hubs and I are only just now putting away our limited harvest decorations and putting out our Christmas decorations... Hopefully next year I'll have things more organized...(and hopefully Jake will be home).

I put up the tree Tuesday night after our second to last bout of Christmas shopping. only 2 people left to get 1 thing for each. I'm excited. Our tree was bought for us by my parents. It's a 6 foot SKINNY fake tree that I actually love and it fits perfectly in our living room. My ornaments are missing at the moment due to being boxed and put where I don't know where they are... and Big Sis and her lawyer-in-training hubs moving in with the 'Rents in order to save for a house... I don't mind really. It's just a good thing Jake has a million.

The cat loves it already... but he's a tree kiki... evidence from last year.

Z is with us for now and we are doing a time share of him with my parents... We really don't want to get caught with him and are going to use the babysitting excuse if we ever get caught.... hopefully that will work. Our land lady is very absent though so as long as neighbors don't rat us out we should be fine.... (how can there be a no pets rule for house cats and fish anyway.... they're inside all the time and cant hurt anyone... just because4 some one's dog bit someone like 4 years ago... we shouldn't be punished for it.) Who can resist this face?

There aren't many of our holiday decorations out to make it feel more like Christmas after our week in the Caribbean.... (that is going to be added onto wedding Wednesday after all the wedding pics are shared which should only take about 4-5 posts)

Tomorrow should be interesting as first Christmas' go. It's a day of starting new traditions. Wish us luck!

(p.s. please pray that Jake gets the job at OSU..... or any job really.)

December 23, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Ready

So Friday morning we woke up to go down to the free continental breakfast. It was yummy and we were all still grogy and crusty eyed and in our PJ's... TOB was the best in her long johns and uggs walking down to the breakfast room...Then we saw that it was SNOWING?!!?? it was pretty funny. I was relieved to see that it wasn't sticking, at all. So we ate and went upstairs to start showering.
The rooms were getting packed when the mothers and hairstylists came and the hair process started.

Everyone was allowed to pick whatever hair style they wanted. I wanted to dot his so everyone was comfortable and happy with what they looked like that day. I wanted everyone to feel almost as special as me. Hahaha.

And I think I succeeded!

After hair we all packed things into the cars and made a quick stop at Panara (where Jake and I went right before he proposed) and made it to the church right before the boys got there. I think 2 mins later and it would have been bad news bears.

Once at the church everyone started on their makeup and dresses started getting steamed. Bestest was super prepared and had already done her makeup at the hotel. So she was the steaming queen.

The flowers arrived on time and they were BEAUTIFUL! I couldnt have been more pleased.

Jake and I wrote letters to each other for our big day and his was the sweetest. I love that man.

I got dressed with the help of my mom, big sis and SIL. I gave hugs and we started the girls pictures. It was awesome and really relaxed with so much time before the ceremony. Kama and her hubs, Marty, were amazing and so easy to work with.

then before I knew it.... the time had come.......


So since our Thanksgiving was the day before the wedding it was a pretty hectic day.
Our first appointment was at Jake's grandparent's. We were required to be there... I wasn't too pleased since there were still a half stack of programs to be folded. But we went and made our customary 2 hour appearance... (it's expected and we were practically shoved out the door...i could go on about that family for days)

But a good picture from the day.

then Jake and I went to our place and finished up some thank you cards to our attendants... yeah they didn't get finished and therefore none got passed out.... what a waste of like, 3 days...

Then we went to my parents house to wait for the cousins to get into town. I love my cousins and second cousins. they're such fun even though I only see them once every 3 years or so... my second cousin, C-bear, reminds me of myself... when I was 14. She's awesome and was my Jr. Bridesmaid. She loved being a big girl for a change.

So after dinner all the girls stole away and went to the hotel for the night. We decided that it was only 9 and the hot tub was necessary. So we went and the 5 of us totally crashed the hot tub... no matter that there were 3 guys there.... we didn't care. after getting prune-y we went upstairs and got ready for bed. In our pj's we played the game dirty minds (all the while I was totally embarrassed for little C-Bear... but she kept insisting she's heard much worse at school and that she wasn't that naive... poor thing. it never lasts) and the older girls sipped on mimosas. it was glorious!

after talking until 1:30 we all decided to hit the sack... only to have me and Bestest go through every wedding or 'one day more' type of musical song we could think of.... It was pretty impressive and probably pretty annoying to the other girls... but we thought it was hilarious. Oh whatever I know everyone else did too. Hahahaha.

So that was my Thanksgiving.... It was fun!

December 22, 2009


So we're back from our 10 day honeymoon! It was so much fun and SO RELAXING!!!!! I'll post about that tomorrow.

'Wedding Wednesday' is in process.

The thought of finishing holiday shopping and our financial situation is making my hair fall out..... I think literally.

Jake and I now have a washer and dryer....... it's not really situated or hooked up... but we have them!!! I'm going to have hubs get that in order so I can wash all my vacation clothes.... not that I'll get a lot of use out of the clean tank tops, shorts and bathing suits..... but I'm too excited.

Missing my Kiki, Ezekiel... We can't being him home with us until Jake gets the final set of blinds for the kitchen.... Not that that will necessarily keep him from being spotted..... He's evidently become a recluse this past week.... it makes me want to cry.

Let me remind you that while Pan's Labyrinth is a good movie... it also is too graphic for little old me.... But the costumes and special effects are too good to get away from.....

I love being lazy.... This fact was highlighted 100% during the cruise. i think we were in bed... (not 'in bed'... dirty) every night by no later than 10.... and we watched movies till we fell asleep.... I think I've now seen 'Up' 4 times, 'Half Blood Prince' 2 1/2 times, 'GI Joe' 8 times, 'Julie & Julia' (sang to my blogging soul) 5 times, and 'Ice Age 3' about 3 times...... not to mention the random Christmas movies that played.... As well as the Wizard of Oz (which I watch totally differently now that I've seen 'Wicked')

At work once again.... gotta bring in that cheddah. (please pray that Jake gets a job this week. we're in need of the $$...)

Loves ya!

December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

2 in one day... Don't you feel special?

Today I'm thankful for....

  • MY HUSBAND!!! and the fact that I can say that now.

  • my new place... it totally different than living with the 'rents.
  • my newest family members... i now have a total of 4 sisters, 4 brothers and 4 parents.... and i now have grandparents again!

Not wedding related:

  • The NEW LAYOUT!!!! tell me what you think!!!!

  • Christmas music... it really puts a smile on your face no matter what... and you HAVE to sing along.

  • friends coming home.... with him... it's better he's home so he can re-evaluate his life... and get him out of that place.

  • gift shopping... i love giving to others!!!

  • tea.... it's saving my life currently...

  • VACATIONS!!!!! we leave in 2 days!!!

Working On It

Yep that's right. I'm on here and working on posts to update everyone on EVERYTHING.

I know I've been less than interesting lately.... all due to my not posting for a million years...

But I'm determined to be back in action after the honeymoon! I have planned posts for you all to read, I just have to fancy them up a little bit.

So beware. the first should start tomorrow. and continue every day until I get back! how's that for impressive? lol

But first I'm going to change my name and layout.... it's going to be an interesting few hours for sure!

December 8, 2009

Day Before

So the day of my rehearsal (which was the day before Thanksgiving) I started off the morning with an eye doctor appointment. This was of course scheduled so I could use the last of the insurance provided by my parents to get a totally awesome discount on my D&G reading glasses... I'm a snob, I know.

Then i hurried on over to get the feet and hands fixed up. It was totally nice getting a pedicure. I love them. I picked out blue polish and got a complimentary white flower put on. Why? Because I was the bride, of course!

then I got acrylics. Yep, my first pair. I was so nervous about a nail breaking after I would get them done so I decided to cover my precious nails that have been awesome since high school, and protect them with plastic kill proof ones... Yep they were kill proof, itch proof, and bruised but B-e-a-utiful.

After the nails my sister, Bestest, mother and I ran over to the reception hall to drop off decorations for Mrs. G, who was decorating using her keen skill of taste. I placed everything in her more than capable hands. We walked in and found the floor getting resurfaced. It was a little scary to see the construction workers, but the floors the day of the wedding were worth the worry... anything but that hideous red carpet that must have been from the 70's.

Then it was time to get dressed for the rehearsal. I chose to wear the same blue dress I wore for engagement pictures based on the perfectness of the blue. I also was having a rough time finding a perfect white dress to wear. It was awesome and cost a total of free-99.

The rehearsal was cool. Everyone was there early minus my brother, who is like me and loves a grand late appearance... I'm sure the 4 year old monster had nothing to do with it.

The rehearsal was kinda confusing, even to me, with all the craziness. I think I was only the second or third wedding our priest had performed. It was cool though. We were done in record time.

We left and got to the dinner where we ate City BBQ, gave gifts and hung out with our families.

And since we had a whole day in between then and our wedding, Jake and I had an awesome, relaxing evening.