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November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I so very thankful for:

  • Days off - I moved more of my furniture to the new place, ate a free dinner at applebee's with friends, watched a late night movie and got cuddle time in. It was an awesome day.
  • Family and friends - They're keeping us sane. I'm starting to realize that it's onyl 15 days until the wedding... I'm starting to finalize things and get things wrapped up.... 15 days! wow.
  • Forgiveness - too often do I say things that comt to mind only to realize after the fact that it probably wasn't the nicest way to phrase the statement...
  • Datebooks - without it I am lost.
  • My Hubs-to-be - he's so freaking adorable. And finally stepping it up, I think.
  • Tanning - even though I'm so pasty white that I burn every time I go.... I love doing it. Too bad it gives you cancer... you can bet that after the honeymoon I'll go back to the world of translucent people.
  • flexible vendors - They're chill about stuff when I freak out. It's nice.
  • 15 Days - All the waiting is about to come to an end and I couldn't be more happy. I couldn't be more excited and totally in love with Jake.... It's weird. I cried the other day because I was so excited. It's been a week for it though. lol.

I can't believe it!

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