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November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

  • Spell check.... it's saved my life many times.

  • Strangers who help. I didn't know people could be so giving and supportive of someone they've never met in person.

  • 22 DAYS!!! 'nuff said

  • Chapstick.... I thought I was going to die last night

  • DVR. How else am I going to see all the shows I wanted to see this season? not at their scheduled time, that's for sure.

  • Friends who are cool with being helping hands. I'm very excited.

  • Wedding bands. I stare at it as often as I can... just waiting for the day it's on my finger permanently.

  • Classes that get cancelled.... yeah I don't even mind that I walked all the way there THEN remembered.

  • Family that understands that I'm going to be sleeping a lot more as well as trying not to stress out. I'm getting a little testy and I don't like it....

  • Sunshine and cold weather... otherwise the cold would be unbearable and I'd pout about it a lot.

  • Tanning... i haven't done it yet but I have a feeling it will help with my pouting.

We had our last premarital meeting last night! Yeah! No more meetings of that nature. It was a good experience and it gave us many things to think about.... But due to the place we are at in our lives right now it was kinda hard to get any thing that would apply to our situation now...

The meeting with the florist went awesome! I love her. She was amazing with all my ideas changing and my total randomness. Plus we got the final total to be less! Yay for saving money!

All my classes are going awesome minus my kineas class.... I'm probably going to have to take it again... But I'll atleast be familiar with things then. It's just a little frusterating.

But on the plus side... It's almost friday.... And my wedding is almost here!

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