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November 13, 2009

So Many Things to Do

2 WEEKS!!! that's right 14 blessedly long days until our wedding day! I can't believe it. I feel so disconnected and oblivious right now. I mean it doesn't feel like it's going to be my wedding that I'm going to. I'm very excited about it all.... But I don't feel as if is truly mine. I've done how many weddings over the past 3 years? Yeah. And I've tried to be active in each and every one of them. So now that it's my own I really don't feel as if it is. I feel as if it's someone elses that I was helping with.


But this weekend is going to have a lot of running around. I have a lot of last minute finishing touch elements that I have to get/do.

Anyone have any cool gift ideas for the seamstress/grama?

What about the parents? 1 as a couple and 2 for divorced parents....

AAAAAAA. I'm getting married!


Mrs. G said...

We (and a lot of other brides and grooms) got the parents and grandparents really nice 8x10 frames so when you get your pictures back you they can pick which one they want to go in their frame. Michaels has some really nice ones.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Two weeks?!? That is SO exciting!

As for gifts, I got my dad an engraved picture frame with him holding me the day I came home from the hospital on one side...the other I reserved for him walking me down the aisle. He loved it! My mom I got a necklace.