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November 8, 2009

Prayers please

Jake's former neighbor who we're all really close to (and whose wife is reading at our wedding) fell off the roof today and onto his head. I believe he was cleaning out the gutters.

We know so far that his jaw is broken and he is bleeding from the ears. He possibly fractured his skull. I don't know how much and I don't really know anything else. Please please pray for him. They have 5 kids 1 of which is in college... All the rest are in high school and middle school. I don't know if he was conscious when he went to the emergency room. I know he is there now and there is a possibility for surgery to stop the brain swelling. He'll need surgery for his jaw for sure. Please pray that there isn't further damage and that he'll walk away from this.

Thank you

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ihatemichigan said...

My prayers are with you and your friend. I hope everything turns out as best as it can.