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November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday.... Monday

Thanks for all the prayers. There isn't a skull fracture but he did fracture some other bones in his face... His Orbit and maxilla sinus. He was in surgery throughout the evening last night. Hopefully he can have visitors today.

18 DAYS until I'm Mrs. R.

I want to think of a cute new set up for the blog after the wedding. Hopefully I'll have a crazy amount of time to actually blog about this huge change in my life... So I'm going to keep thankful Thursdays. I might be doing like others and giving snippets of my wedding experience on 'Wedding Wednesday'... Other than that I have no idea what to talk about the rest of the week... Maybe one day with something to do with our home. One day for shopping/budget stuff.... but I don't know what to call them.

I'm also going to be changing my layout and blog name after the wedding... Once again I have no ideas...

Kineasiology exam today... I'm not prepared... But my mind is fried from trying to study this morning....

I have 5 thank you cards to send out still due to the fact that I have no idea if these people were at the shower or not... They're not 'my' people... yet. Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that I couldn't put a name with a face to save my life.... Go figure.

All of my bridesmaids are fitted and in the process of getting their dresses altered. No one had anything major to fix (Thank God) and Jake's grama is doing the alterations for FREE!!!

My dress is almost done. Hemming is whats being fixed right now.... I'm more than excited! I cant wait to get in that thing and marry my man!

Hair trial is tonight. I'm driving an hour to see this girl so what I'm saving in price I'm making up for in gas money. Oh well.

One of Jake's groomsmen is dragging his feet about getting fitted for a tux.... I have a few choice words for him....

OK. Back to studying.

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Christine said...

Money Mondays could be the shopping/budget stuff.
Family Fridays could be the home/family stuff.