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November 18, 2009

I Swear, I'm Making Lists in My Sleep

Anyone? Anyone? Yeah.....

It's into the single digits here. 9... I really like the number 9. it's so 'N'd. nnnuh... nuuuuhhh. niiiiiiinnnuuuuhhh. it's a number you can really get that tounge going for... (Those of you who went there..... your dirty.)

Anyway. Yes N-I-N-E days until the big day. I only have to pack up the reception crap... I mean decorations ;) and finish 1 project.... Hang on let me check my lists.... yep 1 project. Then it's onto finishing up gift stuff and wrapping.

I'm excited. Jake and I went on Monday to get our marriage license. we were greeted by a guy that used to work in our home town's bank that Jake happened to use. Now the guy is a real bullsh**ter... In a funny/good way. We talked about how Jake and I were there on Friday but left because someone thought we needed our SS cards.... when really we didn't. And How Dolly Parton was a goddess (the guy was hilarious with his concert stories... I mean he's hard core. She signed his arm and he cried and went to get it tattooed on... Hilarious!) So we have until Jan. 15th to get married.... i think we'll manage just fine.

I also have my dress AT MY HOUSE!!!! I'm in love! It's perfect. The whole worry about taking it down 4 sizes because it was so awesome priced and perfect as it was totally wasn't worth it (and yes I almost would say I would have worn it even if we hadn't taken it in... it an awesome dress). But its perfect for ME now. It fits in all the right places. It bustles so incredibly awesomely I dont even know what to do... I'm so excited that my dress is so unique and perfectly me. There's no doubt who it's for and whose gonna wear that beauty. I'd probably kill someone who tried to wear it.... straight up. i don't ever want to see anyone else in it... Any other brides know what I'm talking about here? It's MY dress. if I ever hear my sister say she wants to put it on.... Crystal I'll kill you (she always has this tendency to look better in my clothes than I do... no joke.)

OK my protectiveness and jealousy is over now... we can all breathe easy...

phew. that blew out of control really quick. lol.

I have a lot of school projects that I have to get done before the wedding. So after my 1 final big project and my 3-4 tiny ones are all done by Friday..... (yes I'm determined) I'll start on my school stuff so I can rest and party it up at my wedding.

*To future brides... get married at a time when nothing is going on... the end of finals week is suggested over the week before... Just FYI. *

I've decided that I'm going to update and catch up on special days. So after the wedding I'm going to do wedding Wednesdays where I'll post about the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding day madness..... That way I wont feel rushed in the next 9 days... so those of you who are interested just know it's coming during winter break.

So that's it for now. I'll post when I remember that I have the time. Love youz

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