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November 3, 2009

Blog Epic Fail

OK yes I know, I know. I'm not being very good about blogging. I'll have you know that it isn't because of wedding related stuff.... Even though I know that will be coming soon... 24 DAYS!!! It is all because of the moving aspect of everything.

Every day I take more and more of my life at my parent's house over to the new place. It's a little hard but mostly exciting. I love playing house, evidently. I love cleaning things and laying liners out, dusting, sorting through things that should have been thrown away in 2005.... But it's just me. Jake has found that with having the place all to himself he is more able to take apart broken X-Boxes and tinker with my computer.... whatever makes him happy I guess.

We've also been having a hard time getting Jake a job... Getting him an interview has even been tough. He's been actively searching for a radiology tech job since he got his license (October 6th) and hasn't gotten 1 single bite. he's been to medical job fairs and is now talking to someone who knows his cousin's girlfriend trying to get an interview... the woman said Jake's resume was too 'hard and rigid'.... I don't know what that means, but the lady is working with Jake and trying to get him an interview at OhioHealth. PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE!!!??? We're getting a little nervous about all of this and we could really use it. Where I would relish in the freedom of not having anyone looking over my shoulder, he just gets bored.

wedding things are coming along. I have meetings this week with the florist and our priest for our final pre-marital thing. Then next week I have my hair trial, a meeting with our DJ and a meeting with our organist.

The only projects that I have on my plate as of right now are pomanders (all 3 of them are half done) and our letters. I'll update more on that later....

I still have no camera. I'm bummin.

Classes are kicking my ass. Kinesiology is going WAY too fast for me to get the information. I'm thinking I'm not quite going to pass this one. And what sucks is it's not offered again until spring. So yeah. I'm not thrilled. But oh well, I'll get things figured out.

I'm trying to decide if I want to shell out the money to stay at a hotel the night before the wedding. I don't know where we'll be getting ready otherwise.... But it's something to think about. I might just have everyone meet at the church early for hair and makeup. It would save $$.... damn. the decisions I have to make. lol. Anyway.

I think that's about it. Once I figure out a way to get some decent pictures I'll post them...

what all do I owe now?
-bridal shower
-new place
-'It's tough' post

I'm on it. just allow a few days where the updates are all over the place and I'll be good.


etta said...

Yuck to the job thing. It's been tough for everyone. I'm about to finish my CNA class and really want to be able to quit my current job when that happens.

Crystal said...

You could always boot Jake for the night and get ready at the new apartment.