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November 30, 2009

I'm Alive and MARRIED!!!!

OK so thing toward the end of the planning phase got kinda crazy so I'll do an update post VERY soon.

But I'm alive and well. Jake is handsome and my husband.

The dress was perfect. the day was perfect. the makeup was perfect. the snow flurries were cute. the flowers were beautiful. the ceremony was kinda funny. The pictures are AWESOME so far. the reception was beautiful and more than I could have asked for.

It was the perfect day. I wouldn't change a thing. I loved every second of it.

sound like a blissful post? it is! Wedded bliss. it feels so right.

99% moved in. only have 3 baskets of dirty clothes that I'm unwilling to take to our new place until they're done. 2 boxes and my armoire still have to be moved. but then I'm totally out.

and then my sister and her husband can move back in due to law school and wanting to save for a house... (i think it's smart).

AAAAHHH. OK I'm so happy finals aren't even phasing me.

Love you all!!!

November 18, 2009

I Swear, I'm Making Lists in My Sleep

Anyone? Anyone? Yeah.....

It's into the single digits here. 9... I really like the number 9. it's so 'N'd. nnnuh... nuuuuhhh. niiiiiiinnnuuuuhhh. it's a number you can really get that tounge going for... (Those of you who went there..... your dirty.)

Anyway. Yes N-I-N-E days until the big day. I only have to pack up the reception crap... I mean decorations ;) and finish 1 project.... Hang on let me check my lists.... yep 1 project. Then it's onto finishing up gift stuff and wrapping.

I'm excited. Jake and I went on Monday to get our marriage license. we were greeted by a guy that used to work in our home town's bank that Jake happened to use. Now the guy is a real bullsh**ter... In a funny/good way. We talked about how Jake and I were there on Friday but left because someone thought we needed our SS cards.... when really we didn't. And How Dolly Parton was a goddess (the guy was hilarious with his concert stories... I mean he's hard core. She signed his arm and he cried and went to get it tattooed on... Hilarious!) So we have until Jan. 15th to get married.... i think we'll manage just fine.

I also have my dress AT MY HOUSE!!!! I'm in love! It's perfect. The whole worry about taking it down 4 sizes because it was so awesome priced and perfect as it was totally wasn't worth it (and yes I almost would say I would have worn it even if we hadn't taken it in... it an awesome dress). But its perfect for ME now. It fits in all the right places. It bustles so incredibly awesomely I dont even know what to do... I'm so excited that my dress is so unique and perfectly me. There's no doubt who it's for and whose gonna wear that beauty. I'd probably kill someone who tried to wear it.... straight up. i don't ever want to see anyone else in it... Any other brides know what I'm talking about here? It's MY dress. if I ever hear my sister say she wants to put it on.... Crystal I'll kill you (she always has this tendency to look better in my clothes than I do... no joke.)

OK my protectiveness and jealousy is over now... we can all breathe easy...

phew. that blew out of control really quick. lol.

I have a lot of school projects that I have to get done before the wedding. So after my 1 final big project and my 3-4 tiny ones are all done by Friday..... (yes I'm determined) I'll start on my school stuff so I can rest and party it up at my wedding.

*To future brides... get married at a time when nothing is going on... the end of finals week is suggested over the week before... Just FYI. *

I've decided that I'm going to update and catch up on special days. So after the wedding I'm going to do wedding Wednesdays where I'll post about the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding day madness..... That way I wont feel rushed in the next 9 days... so those of you who are interested just know it's coming during winter break.

So that's it for now. I'll post when I remember that I have the time. Love youz

November 13, 2009

So Many Things to Do

2 WEEKS!!! that's right 14 blessedly long days until our wedding day! I can't believe it. I feel so disconnected and oblivious right now. I mean it doesn't feel like it's going to be my wedding that I'm going to. I'm very excited about it all.... But I don't feel as if is truly mine. I've done how many weddings over the past 3 years? Yeah. And I've tried to be active in each and every one of them. So now that it's my own I really don't feel as if it is. I feel as if it's someone elses that I was helping with.


But this weekend is going to have a lot of running around. I have a lot of last minute finishing touch elements that I have to get/do.

Anyone have any cool gift ideas for the seamstress/grama?

What about the parents? 1 as a couple and 2 for divorced parents....

AAAAAAA. I'm getting married!

November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I so very thankful for:

  • Days off - I moved more of my furniture to the new place, ate a free dinner at applebee's with friends, watched a late night movie and got cuddle time in. It was an awesome day.
  • Family and friends - They're keeping us sane. I'm starting to realize that it's onyl 15 days until the wedding... I'm starting to finalize things and get things wrapped up.... 15 days! wow.
  • Forgiveness - too often do I say things that comt to mind only to realize after the fact that it probably wasn't the nicest way to phrase the statement...
  • Datebooks - without it I am lost.
  • My Hubs-to-be - he's so freaking adorable. And finally stepping it up, I think.
  • Tanning - even though I'm so pasty white that I burn every time I go.... I love doing it. Too bad it gives you cancer... you can bet that after the honeymoon I'll go back to the world of translucent people.
  • flexible vendors - They're chill about stuff when I freak out. It's nice.
  • 15 Days - All the waiting is about to come to an end and I couldn't be more happy. I couldn't be more excited and totally in love with Jake.... It's weird. I cried the other day because I was so excited. It's been a week for it though. lol.

I can't believe it!

November 10, 2009

Think Tank Tuesday

so my question of the day is:

How do you deal with a Post Traumatic Stress..... OK lets call it Current Traumatic Stressed soldier who is deployed to Afghanistan that recently had his heart broken by his fiance who was feeling pressured to set a date when she's only 18 when he's saying things like 'lets get married in December on my leave so I can die a happy man'

WTF?! Honestly? Who says things like that to their fiance?! I don't blame her one bit for freaking out. I would have... They had only been engaged for a month and only dating for 3. He got deployed and a month in she couldn't take it any more. He was pressuring her and she knew she wasn't ready.... What am I supposed to say to him? he's not even in the country.

He's been talking crazy... volunteering for all missions and wishing for the stray bullet.... that kind of crazy. Dying so his family can get his SGIH money (not right acronym... I know). All because his life is nothing without her... Telling people to stop praying for him because he doesn't want to come home. That he doesn't believe in prayer and that eh wont even read scripture....

I don't even know what to talk to him about. I've tried every tactic in the book... support, pity, anger, humor... Nothing makes anything better.... He thinks no one can relate to him...

I want to try to go through his chain of command and put him on suicide watch.... But it's hard because we don't know where he is. ... Does anyone know if there is a way to do this from home?

He's Jake's best friend. It's impossible to stop caring or trying to help. I'm at a loss.....

November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday.... Monday

Thanks for all the prayers. There isn't a skull fracture but he did fracture some other bones in his face... His Orbit and maxilla sinus. He was in surgery throughout the evening last night. Hopefully he can have visitors today.

18 DAYS until I'm Mrs. R.

I want to think of a cute new set up for the blog after the wedding. Hopefully I'll have a crazy amount of time to actually blog about this huge change in my life... So I'm going to keep thankful Thursdays. I might be doing like others and giving snippets of my wedding experience on 'Wedding Wednesday'... Other than that I have no idea what to talk about the rest of the week... Maybe one day with something to do with our home. One day for shopping/budget stuff.... but I don't know what to call them.

I'm also going to be changing my layout and blog name after the wedding... Once again I have no ideas...

Kineasiology exam today... I'm not prepared... But my mind is fried from trying to study this morning....

I have 5 thank you cards to send out still due to the fact that I have no idea if these people were at the shower or not... They're not 'my' people... yet. Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that I couldn't put a name with a face to save my life.... Go figure.

All of my bridesmaids are fitted and in the process of getting their dresses altered. No one had anything major to fix (Thank God) and Jake's grama is doing the alterations for FREE!!!

My dress is almost done. Hemming is whats being fixed right now.... I'm more than excited! I cant wait to get in that thing and marry my man!

Hair trial is tonight. I'm driving an hour to see this girl so what I'm saving in price I'm making up for in gas money. Oh well.

One of Jake's groomsmen is dragging his feet about getting fitted for a tux.... I have a few choice words for him....

OK. Back to studying.

November 8, 2009

Prayers please

Jake's former neighbor who we're all really close to (and whose wife is reading at our wedding) fell off the roof today and onto his head. I believe he was cleaning out the gutters.

We know so far that his jaw is broken and he is bleeding from the ears. He possibly fractured his skull. I don't know how much and I don't really know anything else. Please please pray for him. They have 5 kids 1 of which is in college... All the rest are in high school and middle school. I don't know if he was conscious when he went to the emergency room. I know he is there now and there is a possibility for surgery to stop the brain swelling. He'll need surgery for his jaw for sure. Please pray that there isn't further damage and that he'll walk away from this.

Thank you

November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

  • Spell check.... it's saved my life many times.

  • Strangers who help. I didn't know people could be so giving and supportive of someone they've never met in person.

  • 22 DAYS!!! 'nuff said

  • Chapstick.... I thought I was going to die last night

  • DVR. How else am I going to see all the shows I wanted to see this season? not at their scheduled time, that's for sure.

  • Friends who are cool with being helping hands. I'm very excited.

  • Wedding bands. I stare at it as often as I can... just waiting for the day it's on my finger permanently.

  • Classes that get cancelled.... yeah I don't even mind that I walked all the way there THEN remembered.

  • Family that understands that I'm going to be sleeping a lot more as well as trying not to stress out. I'm getting a little testy and I don't like it....

  • Sunshine and cold weather... otherwise the cold would be unbearable and I'd pout about it a lot.

  • Tanning... i haven't done it yet but I have a feeling it will help with my pouting.

We had our last premarital meeting last night! Yeah! No more meetings of that nature. It was a good experience and it gave us many things to think about.... But due to the place we are at in our lives right now it was kinda hard to get any thing that would apply to our situation now...

The meeting with the florist went awesome! I love her. She was amazing with all my ideas changing and my total randomness. Plus we got the final total to be less! Yay for saving money!

All my classes are going awesome minus my kineas class.... I'm probably going to have to take it again... But I'll atleast be familiar with things then. It's just a little frusterating.

But on the plus side... It's almost friday.... And my wedding is almost here!

November 3, 2009

Blog Epic Fail

OK yes I know, I know. I'm not being very good about blogging. I'll have you know that it isn't because of wedding related stuff.... Even though I know that will be coming soon... 24 DAYS!!! It is all because of the moving aspect of everything.

Every day I take more and more of my life at my parent's house over to the new place. It's a little hard but mostly exciting. I love playing house, evidently. I love cleaning things and laying liners out, dusting, sorting through things that should have been thrown away in 2005.... But it's just me. Jake has found that with having the place all to himself he is more able to take apart broken X-Boxes and tinker with my computer.... whatever makes him happy I guess.

We've also been having a hard time getting Jake a job... Getting him an interview has even been tough. He's been actively searching for a radiology tech job since he got his license (October 6th) and hasn't gotten 1 single bite. he's been to medical job fairs and is now talking to someone who knows his cousin's girlfriend trying to get an interview... the woman said Jake's resume was too 'hard and rigid'.... I don't know what that means, but the lady is working with Jake and trying to get him an interview at OhioHealth. PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE!!!??? We're getting a little nervous about all of this and we could really use it. Where I would relish in the freedom of not having anyone looking over my shoulder, he just gets bored.

wedding things are coming along. I have meetings this week with the florist and our priest for our final pre-marital thing. Then next week I have my hair trial, a meeting with our DJ and a meeting with our organist.

The only projects that I have on my plate as of right now are pomanders (all 3 of them are half done) and our letters. I'll update more on that later....

I still have no camera. I'm bummin.

Classes are kicking my ass. Kinesiology is going WAY too fast for me to get the information. I'm thinking I'm not quite going to pass this one. And what sucks is it's not offered again until spring. So yeah. I'm not thrilled. But oh well, I'll get things figured out.

I'm trying to decide if I want to shell out the money to stay at a hotel the night before the wedding. I don't know where we'll be getting ready otherwise.... But it's something to think about. I might just have everyone meet at the church early for hair and makeup. It would save $$.... damn. the decisions I have to make. lol. Anyway.

I think that's about it. Once I figure out a way to get some decent pictures I'll post them...

what all do I owe now?
-bridal shower
-new place
-'It's tough' post

I'm on it. just allow a few days where the updates are all over the place and I'll be good.