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October 26, 2009

Weekend Move

First off... Sorry I was such a loser last week. I don't know what my deal was not posting.

We moved alll of Jake's crap into our new place!!! Yay!

Friday night I rode with Jake, FSIL and FMIL to Cincinnati, where FSIL was moving from. We had an awesome dinner at an Irish pub and finally got to the apartment around 10pm. We all decided to crash and wake up to pack the moving truck. By 9am Sat. We were all up and moving furniture and boxes into a rental moving truck. It took 2 hours longer than we thought it would with only 3 boys moving furniture and trying to play tetris with all the crap. Needless to say we got everything in (barely) and got to FSIL's new house. (Which is totally adorable). We unloaded in record time (45 mins with a pizza break in there) and were on our way to the next destination.

Once at FMIL's house we realized that none of Jake's things were ready. So we recruited Twin and TOB to help. Once we had fresh blood things went better. FMIL, TOB, FSIL and I all headed straight to the townhouse while the boys all went to the next destination. My sister's apt.

While us 4 girl's started cleaning and making sure the sloppy joe's were awesome the boys loaded a LARGE sectional couch (with hid-a-bed) and a 300lb TV (glass 32 inch) which took 1 1/2 hours. By the time the truck was there my whole family, Jake's whole family and some random old neighbors were all helping.... And we had WAY less stuff than FSIL. It was kinda funny.

It was interesting, to say the least.

Yesterday Jake and I got odds and ends for our place. Blinds, clothes baskets, a new filter, trash bags and shower curtain hooks so Jake could function. Then we went to our 2nd couples meeting with our officiant.

It was interesting going over all of our test results and seeing nothing that was surprising. It's good to know that we're both very devoted to each other and in the same place on our couples map... Even if our communication and active listening needs some work... It's all stuff we already knew about... Just haven't really approached yet. But it'll be good to go over in our next meeting.

32 days!!!

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