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October 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays on Friday

Yeah I know. How did that happen?!

Well my Thursdays are pretty full with work, lab, work, class, work, bible study... I'm constantly on the go... And to top it all off this week I have a exam in Kineasiology... Bummer.

So this week I'm thankful for:

  • Family - They're awesome
  • Moving Itineraries - They save lives... and back muscles. Only 1 week to go!
  • Mini Corn Dogs - 'Nuff said
  • Flash Cards - They save grades if used properly...
  • Wind Wall Jackets - it's betting winnie the poo blustery out there.
  • PB & J - My snack of choice recently
  • Midol - Oh yes!
  • Nail Files - So my goal for the wedding is to have my own personal nails all grown out and fabulously natural. I'm normally really good at the whole growing out thing. They're pretty awesome right now but I'm paranoid about chips and all that jazz. Only 42 days!
  • Getting Engagement Pictures - That's right! we GOT THEM. They came in the mail on Tuesday along with a $100 deposit return. Cha-Ching!!!
  • Pearl's Place - The bridesmaid dresses came yesterday!!!

P.S. bridal shower pictures are on their way I promise....

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