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October 2, 2009

Oh Loves... What am I Supposed to DO?!

I've kept the stress details out of my blog for the most part... Ladies and Gents.... It's about to explode!

To start off I had my second huge melt down this week. Jake and I went to meet with his buddy who is going to be doing our wedding video and picture slide show. I was told to bring pictures and videos. I had the pictures... Check. i didn't know so much about the video part. So i riffled through a box of VHS tapes and found a few that were blank and a few old musicals I was in. I took them with us and told D-rock (the videographer/buddy) that I didn't really know what was on the tapes but I was willing to go through them while the boys had a man night and watched UFC. I went through the tapes, fast forwarding and rewinding only to find that I have NO baby videos... None. I don't have any video documentary of my life until my first musical 'Brigadoon' when I was in the chorus in 6th grade.... and even then it's the whole show, not any of just me.... Jake... He has TONS. so I had to tell the guys that I didn't have any videos and that if I didn't have any videos then Jake couldn't have any videos in our slide show. D-Rock continues to tell me that 'there has to be a video hidden somewhere' and to 'not worry about it because something will show up'. Now I appreciate it but I never remember a video recorder around during my childhood. So I asked and confirmed that there were no baby videos due to how expensive it all was. Which is fine.... But why did I feel so crappy and defensive about it?

Needless to say I cracked. The lac of video bled into the fact that Jake, at that point, STILL hadn't asked his last groomsman to be in the wedding... Oh yes. 58 days out and we had bought a personalized groomsman gift but hadn't asked the actual person to be in the wedding because Jake couldn't do it in person. OMG LET ME HIT YOU REALLY HARD, FIANCE OF MINE! This then bled into the fact that we have a lot of things left to pay off.... Which bled into the total creepiness I felt knowing my dress was in pieces due to alterations..... I just don't like the idea that it's not a whole dress right now... Which led into the nothing is going to look right because I have to do it all by myself part....

Then I got a text message from FSIL telling me that some of the guests had been calling asking if there was a reception after the wedding.... WHAT?!!! Are they dumb or something? Evidently they didn't know because there wasn't a mention of it on my invitation..... let me ask you this.... How... in... the... world.... did the 8 people checking my invitation wording, 6 who were already married or had already purchased their invites, miss the fact that our invite didn't say 'Reception to follow'? How did we forget that?

After that I broke down. I cried and cried. I thought everything was ruined because we changed the date and had to throw things together in 5 months less. I thought Jake didn't care about any of the details that I had to obsess over because otherwise it wouldn't get done. I was a mess for 4 hours straight.

In the end I found out that my sister was staying home the next day and I gave her the mission of finding a card that would compliment our invites so I could print up and mail out a card that had reception and hotel information on it. She saved the day and found something. I'm going to pass them out at the shower.

I'm less stressed now. Jake asked the last guy and we now have a full bridal party. My sister's MOH dress came in (it was ordered separately so it came separately). I have cards to fix the reception info problem.

But to top it all off..... I haven't heard a word from my photographer since she told me the date change was a go. And I've emailed her many times since then asking questions I never got answers to. I went to go look at my e-pics today only to find out that I cant get into my picture profile anymore..... what is that supposed to mean? So I called my photographer and asked her to ' please please please call me back.' because I hoped that there wasn't anything serious that had happened and I was worried about things. If I don't get a response by Sunday I'm going to start looking for a new photographer.

I need to keep my sanity.

p.s. What do you think of my 'It's hard being a woman' blogs so far? Sorry I have to fish for compliments.... It's just a lot of work and emotions that get rolled into typing up my views on the subjects... and I'm hoping that some people actually enjoy it.


etta said...

Breathe! Photographers can be a nightmare. Good luck. Lots of phone calls.

ihatemichigan said...

I don't know what financial situation you are in with the photographer at this point, but if she's already being flaky I would xwitch. Mine was not flaky at all up to the date, then never produced our wedding album, went to jail and has dissapeared off the face of the earth. I don't want to add to your stress or anything, but I also don't want you to be in my situation, 3 years after your wedding and no hope to ever get a wedding album.

All the other stuff will fall into place. I promise. When the day comes, it will all be worth it and you will forget all these horrible meltdowns.