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October 21, 2009

I Miss My Camera

Yesterday was eventful... In the uneventful kind of way.

Jake and I met to pick up our townhouse keys! We took over a tub, a box of DvD's and our vacuum. Then we left to get (in our new neck of the woods) Chipotle because Jake had a 2 for 1 coupon. SCORE!

Then I made Jake tell me the quickest way to get to my voice lesson... now we didn't move to a different city. The new place is literally 4 minutes away from my parent's house... And I've been to our new neck of the woods many, many, MANY times. But I've yet to figure out the whole map thing. I mean really.... if I cant see the Payless next to the bank on the same side of the street as the McDonald's I just don't know where your trying to take me. But I made it to my voice lesson right on time. And I had a slammin' lesson!

After which I went home and caught myself up on Heroes and kitten cuddle time until Pops came home.

Then I took my parents over to our new place. dad started saying things like 'I like the new digs' and 'its sweet that you have a car port.' I couldn't take it. So we discussed taking pictures of any damage and I made them leave. My dad trying to be 'hip' was just too much.

Then I was back home waiting for Jake to call me after class. But... I fell asleep.

Awesome, right?!

Today already has consisted of more content in the past 3 hours than in my entire day yesterday. I pulled up a budget, went to the bank, scheduled 3 vendor appointments, scheduled a dental appointment, emailed a pep talk to a friends who hit his first rough spot in his engagement and put on my makeup... (yes I wait until I get to work to put on my makeup. it's just so much easier that way)

final meeting with florist planned
final meeting with DJ planned
second meeting with officiant planned

To-Do before Friday:
talk wedding budget with parents and fiance
start making must play list
start making list of must take pictures
get renter's insurance
schedule hair trial
buy guest book
dye hair
get hair cut (and take extensions)
touch base with videographer (Jake's friend)
finish poms

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Brittany said...

I got a chipotle coupon in the mail too!! Good luck with your to-do list!