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October 5, 2009

Good Morning Monday

Well this weekend was interesting.

Saturday was a Mary Kay training day. FSIL and her two Ohio recruits (me and another of her friends) woke up at 5, dressed to impress in skirted business attire, and drove 2 1/2 hours to Aurora, OH for a holiday training seminar. It was interesting due to the fact that 3 miles away we were pulled over by a cop going 19 miles over the limit..... AND we only got a warning. I think our skirts did the trick. There must be something about black knee length skirts and cute girls under the age of 45. I mean really. so warning in hand FSIL got us to the hotel with minuets to spare. We took our seats and listened to some of the most successful women in the company talk about their personal business struggles and how they overcame them to move on to earning their 2-16th pink caddy!!! WHAT? One of the girls had only been in the company for 16 months and already had her first company car.... It's no caddy.... but it's still free! It really set fire under my bum and put a spring in my step. I mean I think I could do just fine and take my time... But I want my own personal success story. I'm so pumped! if you want to look through the catalog online go to my website. There are a TON of awesome gift sets that are perfect for Christmas!

So after we got back to C-Bus we changed and got ready for the buckeye game. Jake and FSIL's husband were out golfing (I think that's going to be a common occurrence). So I went home and had a b-day dinner with my family for my nephew. (I cant believe he's 4!) then went back to Jake's to fall asleep during the game. Jake drove sleeping me home and tucked me in.

Sunday was bless your pet day! Bahahaha. It's hilarious, every year there is one day where we get to bring all our pets to church. yep that's right. And I guess my family always tries to even out the dog population by bringing our 5 cats (from only 2 houses) to be blessed. It was Jake's first year participating due to Army stuff last year, But I think he started to like it toward the end. My mom's field Springer Spaniel, Tori, was really the best behaved ever! I really didn't expect that much from her but I'll just say that my brother's cat Tampson, who is still at my parents house, was worse than Tori was.... This 25 LB gray monstrosity was talking up a storm and letting everyone know that he hated being carried around some strange place by little ol' me who had to show off my bulging triceps muscles by caring him up to the front to be blessed like all the other pets there. It was funny.

After that we signed our lease!!!!! YAY! We are now townhouse renters!!!

Then last night Jake's family all went to Japanese Steak House. I have never been to one and it was AMAZING! I actually liked the shrimp, my fillet Mignon was to die for and someone else picked up the tab! Score!
Jake and I ended the night by choosing our scripture readings for the ceremony. one more thing.... Done.

But last night as I was combing my fingers through my hair I heard a little tinkling sound coming from my left hand... Yeah, I think one of my diamonds are loose.... So I'm 'not' engaged today and hopefully Jake can take my ring in to the jewelers while I'm at work/school. Scary! I'm just glad I caught it before one of the diamonds fell out.

That's it for now loves....

(Oh, photographer update.... No call from contracted photographer. I sent out an email to a possible back-up and she asked me to call her today. So hopefully I'll find out how to move forward with this.)

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ihatemichigan said...

I love the Japanese steakhouse. It's one of my favorite places to eat.

I hope the e-ring is okay.