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October 13, 2009

Bridal Shower Weekend

I'll start with Saturday.

So I'm totally not one of those obsessive compulsive people when it comes to planning. But this past weekend I felt as if no one else would venture out to help Mom, Big Sis, FSIL, FMIL and FGMIL with the party set up.... and I was right. So there I was on Saturday, helping decorate for my own bridal shower. It wasn't that bad... But it was a little weird.

My future girl in-laws and the girls in my family haven't quite figured each other out yet. in some ways they are very similar... But in other ways they are really really different. Like the future in-laws take every comment and digest it, disect it, and save it for later use.... It's their way. plus it puts you on guard all the time. Which is uncomfortable.... But I'm use to it now... My girls are quick to get angry and quick to forget comments made... So my mom or sister will say something and forget after whatever is taken care of or addressed.... While my future in-laws will bring any comment up in conversation weeks after the incident... I'm like a mixture of both...
Anyway, so all us girls set up the room for the shower Saturday night after we made 1000000 cupcakes (which I loved doing).

Sunday I slept in and played hookie from church. I threw my fit about not having any fall appropriate clothes to wear that would label me 'Bride'. Then I hustled out of the house to get to the party room early... Yes that's right. I helped set up the last of the things for the shower the day of.... I'm not mad or anything I just thought it was funny. I love helping when I can.

Now my mentality the whole weekend was 'why am I making all these people come and bring me gifts. Why am I making them spend money on me like this.... It's all really expensive stuff... How weird that they're bringing presents so they can eat food, watch me open them... Then leave' so all while people were coming up to me and saying how cute the room was and how exciting that it was only 6 weeks until the wedding, I was thinking 'OMG this is creeping me out. I feel horrible. How many times have I really met you before this?' Typical I guess since all the newer brides were telling me how weird it was for them but really fun it is as a guest.

So we had our chili and finger food and the room filled up with women I knew and some I've only met 1-2 times. It was a lot of fun as things came to a close. The gifts were more than I imagined and really weird at the same time. (reason stated above) But as I opened and helped the girls play their shower present bingo I began to relax. I let my not-so-natural Blondie show through as I mis-read names and even appliance descriptions.

Things wound down and I loved being surrounded by girls for an after noon. It was pretty overwhelming to have so many others genuinely excited for the wedding... Not just the normal response of , 'Oh wow... Your getting married?!'

All in all, I'm very thankful for the shower itself. And now I have 30+ thank you cards to write... And I'm determined to get them all done before Jake's big move. Wish me luck!!!

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