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October 7, 2009

Birthdays and Excitement

Happy Birthday To the Love of My Life.

His birthday was yesterday and the poor thing had an evening class... Calculus...YUCK! (it's a good thing I chose the major I did because I could barely pass college algebra!) So we celebrated by having chocolate cake at his mom's with FSIL, Twin, TOB and FMIL. it was nice and low key. Due to being away for their 21st birthdays TOB and I are trying to put together a birthday bash for the boys... It's not working out quite the way we planned with her getting a nasty cold. But we're still trying

I'm getting him a sports watch a gift card to get his tattoo filled in! he's had it since San Antonio and didn't get it filled in because it would have been so expensive. Plus he was all by him self. Poor babylove. The watch probably would have been a better idea.... But I want his tattoo filled in for the honeymoon and I'm afraid he will just let it go. It's hard to read with just the outline... plus he always says he doesn't know when he's gonna get the money to do it.... Problem fixed and my mental breakdown about unfinished projects averted!
In other news:

My ring is back!... It's beautiful and best of all silent! No more little tinkling sounds when I run my fingers through my hair! Added perk: They dipped it for free and didn't put it on my receipt! That means I still get my yearly free dipping right before the wedding!!!! Yay!
We're meeting with our possible replacement photographer tonight! I'm so excited!I never heard back from our original. I called her with the deadline to call me back by the end of the weekend...Then on Monday I emailed her to let her know that if I didn't hear from her before Wednesday evening, that I was going to go with a different photographer. Nothing yet.

Some side story I just found out from another one of the brides who had problems with her... She was in the same situation and was blocked from the viewing website and got her DOC involved. This move made the photographer's assistant to contact her to state that she was having health related issues. (OK understandable, but it takes 1 min. to shoot out an email letting someone know about that.) The bride kept her contract and was contacted the day before her wedding with the photographer asking for the daily schedule and locations, then was there the whole day for the actual wedding... If I was that bride I would have had a mental breakdown! She's one tough cookie! Anyway evidently at the wedding the photographer told the bride as a side note that she had been going through a separation (the bride noted to me that it was evident because of all the weight the photographer had lost).... I fell bad about the situation... But if something like that is going on and it's preventing you from going on with your work or replying to client's emails and phone calls then something needs to be done. It's really not that professional to just leave someone hanging. my caterer was having surgery the week before out tasting... She let me know that the day before her surgery so we could be prepared if she had to cancel.... It's not that hard to send an email, especially when it's you client's preferred method of communication due to classes and work.

OK I'm done being bitter now.
Jake and I are getting our keys on Oct. 20th!!! Our actual move in date isn't until the 24th, but this means Jake and I can vacuum, sanitize and spot clean every little thing before we move our stuff in... Which leaves cleaning after things are put in, and I can deal with that!
Yay for this weekend!!!! I can't believe the shower is here already!!!! It's gonna be thanksgiving before I know it!!! I'm so excited for this fresh start. I can't wait! I'm moving everything except my bed and closet. And even then the bed I'm in now is staying at my parent's house. Wahoo! I can't wait until we'll be able to have some real us time. To learn each other's daily quirks and annoyances (boy do I know those are coming) to divide chores and duties... It's going to be hard adjusting but I'm excited that we're finally moving forward.
The last news for the day:
My bridal shower is this weekend! Yes loves, it's true. The day count is slowly but steadily getting smaller. We're at 51 days today. And this weekend i get to spend a couple of hours with some of my life's (and Jake's) most influential women. It's crazy to hear that there are already 50+ RSVP's for the event! What 50+ people that want to come and celebrate with me?! I didn't even know that many women existed for me... You know what I mean? The numbers are amazing and very heart warming.... I'm just worried about how they'll all fit in the space. i wasn't expecting so many 'yes' replies and so our space only fits 35 people comfortably. I guess we'll see. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can move some people out onto the club house porch.
But I can't wait for the fall harvest yumminess of chili, apples and Carmel dip, pies, pumpkin cupcakes, cookies, veggies, hot apple cider and hot chocolate! It really makes it fall! I'm so thankful to my sister and FSIL for putting everything together and letting me be a little sister to them.... They can't help their natural drive to coordinate things and let me relax...I've been almost chastised many times by both of them... Gotta love big sisters!

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