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October 13, 2009


You'll never guess who called AND emailed me today!

(Anyone who said the old photographer gets 5 points!)

That's right. after more than a month my old photographer has decided to get back in touch with me about the wedding. She said she was having health problems that her business wasn't prepared to deal with and she was sorry that things happened the way they did... She put our engagement pictures in the mail today and is giving us half our deposit back!!!

All I gotta say is Praise the Lord! I was stressing over the idea of being stuck with a photographer I hated. Now that's not the case. We're now officially working with CandidKama photography and I'm pleased as punch! She was the photographer for Big Sis's TTD session as well as the wedding photographer for my friend Mrs. G... They both have her work on their blogs so go check them out (and follow them, they're outstanding women... and I'm not biased or anything).


To celebrate the getting that stress off my plate please share your most stressful wedding planning moment. We all have had them, so don't skimp. Lets liberate ourselves from stressers!

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