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September 3, 2009

Townhouses, Hair, Ribbons and Thankful Thursdays!

It's getting to the low 80's for the countdown. Ah! Scary! OK, freak out = done.

Tonight Jake and I are going to try to get out to the realtor's place to grab keys for 2 townhouses. They're in Grandview and look like they'd be really good for out first place. Not out of our price range too nice, not to big... Just good. (I love the hard wood floors they both have) So we tried to go last night and got there at 5:02... they close at 5:00.... I was a little surprised that they were closed and the woman was gone already. But that's the business I guess. So cross your fingers that we get the keys... and that we love the units.

And now for my our To-Do list:
-pick a first dance song and start practicing
-ask Jake's old neighbor to be a reader for the ceremony
-Order another groomsman gift (Jake's older cousin cant be in the ceremony anymore... but now my brother can!)
- Get wedding rings (yeah we haven't even really looked at any yet)
- Choose honeymoon (it's between a cruise and Disney World.... Military get a week free at DW..... but a cruise.... it's a hard decision)
- Jake: ask remaining groomsmen to be in the wedding... (yeah there are only... 3 that need to be officially asked... I bug him daily)
- Get a passport if we're going on a cruise.... (that means apply for another birth certificate so I can send it in)
- Jake: get boys in and measured for tux
- Finalize guest list so I can give my MOH a shower guest list
- Finalize guest list for invitations
- Send out invites by Sept. 28th
- Reserve hotel blocks
- Buy guest book frame
- Marriage counseling
- Meet with organist
- Cake testing!
- Buy ribbon for chairs and pomanders
- Put together 'must play' and 'don't you dare play' lists

And that's just for this month..... I mean DAMN! I had better get my butt in gear!

What do you think about the honeymoon choices? I really need help. I've been to D.W. (when I was a high school sophomore) Jake went when he was about 6-7.... Jake's been on a cruise... twice and I've never been... But if we go to D.W. his mom will give us the $$ she would have spent to put toward the wedding......... Do you see my dilemma?

Thankful Thursday!!!!

Today I'm thankful for:
- YouTube.... it's such an awesome time consuming thing.
- friends, family and fellow bloggers who I can ask their opinions.
- knowing that those who are quick to purchase huge and extravagantly material things with their wedding money will soon have no money. lets weigh the pros and cons.... Hmmm... $1200 flat screen vs. 2 months rent.... watch the 4 channels they can..... live without paying rent for almost 2 months.... OK OK I'm done.
- My fiance....he's not afraid to tell me I was right... and I love that.
- Happy Greek!!!!! YAY LUNCH!

and last but not least

- My papa! Today is his Birthday... He is now 58 years young!!!

classic dad

Dad with my SH the story of us 's husband

Love you daddy-kins!


Crystal said...

You can always go on a cruise later, when you have the money to spare. YOur not going to have babies or anything anytime soon to hold you back.

ALin said...

That's a tough one. I think I would spring for the cruise. You only go on one honeymoon! We are so happy that we saved a little extra money and went where we really wanted to go. I guess just go where ever your gut is telling you!

As for the $1200 television purchase . . . we (ahem, J) made that decision about a year ago and it's one I personally regret. Not that we can't afford it, I'm just not one for extravagant purchases . . . they will learn :-)