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September 4, 2009

Townhouse Hunt....

So like others on my blogging list who have started house hunting.... we are going through the same process only with town homes. So here's my update.

Last night Jake picked me up from work and we went to the realtor's office to pick up the keys. We found out that one of the places we were looking at got leased that day. It was the one I liked best. Go figure. So we went to look at 2 different units in the same complex. Driving there was a little confusing due to us following my print out from mapquest driving around in Grandview... But we made it.

1st townhouse- The woman had lived there for 12 years and recently moved out. we got in and the walls weren't repainted. the floors hadn't been waxed or buffed. there was miscellaneous hardware all over the place.... It was not walk through ready to say the least. But I tried to look past that at the layout and size of the place. It was TINY. there would be no room for anything, let alone our queen sized bed. So we left... and in trying to leave and lock the place back up we couldn't lock the door.... scary. So I said no right away told Jake we could check out the next place....

2nd townhouse- we didn't even get past the door... wrong keys... but the place looked nicer.... but not big enough. here are advertised pics of the place.... remember looks can be deceiving. i don't think the living room could have held a full sized couch and a small eating area....

My other thing... While the complex was close to a school and a big park... There were many people sitting outside their houses on lawn chairs, drinking beer, smoking and watching their kids throw rocks at each other... OK it wasn't that bad. But I was very uncomfortable leaving my bag in the car...

So needless to say Jake and I went home to start calling all the numbers from lawn signs we had.. (yes we drove through Grandview and wrote names, numbers and websites down). by the end of the night I had left 8 messages, called 1 wrong number, and talked to a very nice old lady. we got calls back from 3 different places and have set up a walk-through for another place tonight and next week. I'm very excited. Hopefully I'll get a few more calls tonight. Wish us luck.

Also last night my mom picked a dress from David's. She wants to go look elsewhere... but she has a dress picked... That's enough for me.

tonight's mission:
-look at rings
-go to walk-through
-veg out and finalize guest list


ALin said...

Are you looking to buy or rent?

You may want to check out The Quarry or The Watermark. We live in the Quarry for a year and loved it.

Also, check out the website www.metrorentals.com. I found my college apartment there and got a GREAT deal.

Good luck! It can be frustrating but it will all work out!

ihatemichigan said...

I love the Grandview area. It's worth the hunt to find something good. We want to have a house there eventually.

Brittany Ann said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! Looking forward to getting to know you!