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September 8, 2009

Town House Numero Dos, Wedding and Labor Day

OK so I'll start with town house #2... It was TINY. As in no full sized couches allowed tiny. the place was cool with it being across the parking lot of the Kroger.... But i don't think 2 people could have lived there in harmony.

So we nixed it.

Friday night Jake, me and my bestest went to the Greek festival with Jake's fam. It was awesome! Any excuse to eat a gyro and creep around in the Greek orthodox cathedral is fine with me.... (I drooled the whole time, naturally). The food was awesome and the company was even better.

Friday night Bestest stayed at mi casa so we could get up early and go set up for the wedding. I was the bride's go to/ set up girl. we picked everything up from her apartment and hauled it to my house so we could switch cars. (yay for daddy and his big ass SUV!) then we went to pick up the cake. Man, if anything could have given me a complex it was the cake. I was sooo paranoid about it that I thought I was going to die! we had the AC cranked to freeze out mode and I drove extra slow and almost crapped my pants when we came to a round-a-bout. Have I mentioned I almost crap my pants when I hear the word round-a-bout in normal circumstances? yeah. It was scary with a WEDDING CAKE in the car. don't worry MRS. I was a good driver on Saturday! you should be proud! So we got to Pinnacle golf course and started setting up all the decoration for the wedding. It was fun and kinda relaxing to get to do everything in our own sweet time. We only left a few things for the bride to double check before she put her dress on. Hopefully that was OK. I wasn't comfortable making big decisions... Like which way the escort card frame went and if the names went across alphabetically... or down alphabetically... I was OCD about it. But the bride knew and everything went awesome.

the wedding was really sweet and beautiful with the bride looking GORGEOUS! (too bad my camera broke during set up and now my screen wont turn on.... yeah I'm brilliant. otherwise I'd have pictures) cocktail hour was nice. the day was perfect! and i got sloshed. It started out nice with white zin with the YUMMY meal we were served.... then came the scotch bowl tradition...

The bride and groom stand with guests in a circle. The father of the bride has this really awesome silver bowl that gets scotch in it.... The bowl gets passed around the circle until the WHOLE bottle of scotch is gone.... I was stupid enough to stand directly across from the bride and groom.... i should have moved myself closer to the end... the further away from the starting point the better, but nooooo I stood where I had to take 2 turns..... Me, who is a cheap enough date that I'm set with 2 beers, took 2 swigs of scotch... then proceeded to continue drinking white zin for the rest of the night..... I'm awesome. NOT! But I had an awesome time, even if I was giving everyone and their mothers hugs and telling them how awesome the night was. Yeah... I was THAT bad. Needless to say I took 45 mins packing all my crap up, most of which I'm told I was just sitting there moving things from one place to another... I also decided to schmooze with people I haven't talked to in 5 years and tell them how much I missed them... for another 45 mins. when Jake drove up and told me to get in the car.... then I went home and got acquainted with my parent's bathroom floor....

Needless to say I'm never drinking scotch again.... Or anything alcoholic for quite some time.

But I woke up Monday only nursing an unsteady stomach! yeah! And once that calmed down I had steak for dinner! And Coldstone before bed!

Everyone congratulate the light weight!

This week is going to be interesting. Jake is taking his Radiology Tech registry tomorrow.... Finally. Hopefully he'll get his card sooner rather than later and he'll be able to start applying for jobs. Wednesday we're meeting wit our church DOC and getting things straightened out there. then Friday Jake and I are going to look at wedding rings. For some reason it has been harder than hell finding a plain white gold band to fit my e-ring... Jake just wants a tungsten band, so that's not too hard. So yeah.

Hope every one's weekend was a little calmer than mine!

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ihatemichigan said...

Sounds like a blast of a weekend. I bet it was a ton of fun helping set up the wedding.