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September 18, 2009

To habitate or not to habitate

That's right. We're Checking out another complex on Sunday. This one is by far the best for the price. It's HUGE. But the only thing...

They have a "strict" no pet policy.

YET there are pets all over the place. One woman who lives near Jake's cousin walks her dog every morning and says her "son dropped it off for her to babysit."

We have a cat.
He's quiet and likes to slip out the front door. I'm expecting that once he moves in he'll not be OK with going outside due to the strange surroundings.

My dilemma has to do with the pet policy at the complex. The owner doesn't check on the place and has another woman who lives there pick up rent checks..... you see? What should we do? should we risk it and just sneak Zeke in? Should we ask the owner on Sunday if we can have him since he's a mature cat who knows how to use the litter box? Should we just go with the other complex that allows pets with $100 more in rent, a $200 pet fee and $25 dollars a month for the pet's rent? Should we leave our little love at my parent's?

My conscious says: 'Follow the rules Erin'.

My mind says: 'dude that's a lot of money we'd save'.

My fiance says 'lets just not mention it and see how it goes. It'll probably be fine. I'm not worried about it.'


Christine said...

Here's what I would do (ignore it if you don't want my opinion). I would move in and live there for a week or two without Zeke. Get a feel for how the place is. Then if you are comfortable with it, bring Zeke in to live with you. If someone reports you or asks, then you can say "This cat lives with my parents but I'm just watching it for a bit". It's nice that your parents are close by because you can use them as a cat babysitter. I think saving $1700 and living with the fib of having the cat stay with you is worth it. That's my two cents. :)

Mrs. G said...

So I will say a cat is a lot eaiser to hide than a dog so you have that going for you.

But you do run the risk of getting caught and then being forced to a. give up zeke b. break your lease. I would want to see all these "pets all over the place" for myself to be more comfortable with a decision. As for leaving him at your parents I couldn't do it. There is no way I could leave Dot at my moms. So to give you the whole megillah (ha!) I wouldn't say anything to the mgmt company, see how many pets you actually see around, then make your decision.