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September 2, 2009

To-do's To Come!

OK so last night I had a dream that all the dresses ordered were the same dress.... weird, and def. not what I want.

Anyway. So the next big to do on my wedding list is getting my passport. Unfortunately I cant seem to find my birth certificate. Which sucks big time! So yeah.

Jake finally heard back from his testing center and is able to take the Ohio Radiology test/exam thingy on the 9th. Then he's allowed to get a job! Yay for jobs! (he's bored out of his mind).

So we're looking hard core into apartments and townhouses. We have the opportunity to pick up keys and do a walk through for 2 different units.... we just haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully we will this week.

Katy over at a soon to be Mrs. has her wedding this weekend. I'm her DOC for the place along with doing her mom's makeup! (I promise I'll bring sponges Sunday! hahahaha) I'm very excited!

Big Sis over at the story of us finally finalized her Mary Kay open house! I'm so excited. I need to get this business up and moving! No more just sitting around on it. So if you need anything there is free shipping if you order from my website! www.marykay.com/erin.patrice

I'm making a to-do list and I'll put it up soon!

Happy Wednesday people!

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Heather said...

Cute blog! I am also engaged and busy planning. I am a new follower!