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September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Helpful Families - It's invitation addressing time and I'm in a crunch to get all the invites out by Friday. 48 out of 110 addressed... Now I just need to buy 4 books of stamps for the reply card envelopes and 6 books for the outside envelopes.

  • Address Books - I need one. My mom's has been super helpful.

  • Future Landlady - She is basically giving us 10 days free rent if Jake moves in after Oct. 20th. So we only pay the background check fee and Security deposit... No actual rent due until the beginning of November!

  • Classes - It's a love/hate thing here. I'm excited about having something else to do other than go home and go to work. Classes breaks up that tedious cycle. But then again I can't fail any classes or else my life will become forever embedded in college. I'll never graduate. I'll always hate that subject. My semi clean track record will be spoiled once again (damn math class at C. State. I loathe you. Yay! No more math ever!!!)

  • Mailed Shower Gifts - It has started.

  • The Knot - It keeps me sane with the checklist, budget helper, and guest list manager. All = God Send!!!

  • Old Notebooks - Save me from buying new ones until I have to.

  • Ramen - The instant lunches are going to save my life and checklist... It really helps that I could eat ramen every day for the rest of my life. something about the zig-zag noodles and flavor packets gets me every time!

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ALin said...

For easy addressing, I made an excel spreadsheet. It sounds nerdy but it was the easiest way to enter my guestlist and then visually see what addresses I had and didn't have. Also, I kept the same list and used the addresses again for thank-you's.

Good luck! It's almost here!