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September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!

Let's get right to it, shall we?

I'm thankful for:
  • Jake passing his radiology tech registry!!!! Now he can start looking at jobs. He wont get his card for another 20-30 days...... But it's still progress!

  • New Thankful Thursday pics for my rotation! (yeah I'm a thief)

  • Family - I miss seeing everyone. that's what sucks about being the last one out of the house. I can't even imagine what my parents are going through.

  • Wii - My mom just got one and I'm obsessed with making Mii's for everyone I've ever met. OK it's not really that bad. But I'd rather have people I know on my baseball team. So who says I can't put a 4 year old on there.... that's why they have the height option right?

  • Vending machines - they steal you money occasionally..... but most of the time they give you the mid day craving for cheese-its.

  • Colored highlighters - They make life seem more organized... so when they go missing everything seems miserable and chaotic.

  • Mary Kay online orders from people I've never met! Yeah! That's exciting!

  • Friends who are all right with me getting sloshed at their weddings! I had so much fun... lets just say it was making up for missing out on the bachelorette party (I was bummed that TOF's, who is now married and still needs a new nickname, was on the same night)

  • AFV - what an awesome way to waste time.... the honorable mentions are always the best.
Alright everyone! Are you doing your list today?
P.S. rules for nicknaming TOF.... lets keep it from sounding like we're both married to the same guy.... so The Other Wife isn't an option.... but it was a nice effort! The one I came up with is just unacceptable...So let start getting creative.
While I'm at it let me give you the nick names of everyone.
  • Big Sis - my sister.

  • brother, mom, dad, nephew- duh.

  • BW - brother's wife

  • SH - Big Sis's husband

  • FSIL - Jake's sister... she'll soon need a new name that wont confuse her with SIL. I need to think of an idea for her husband... if i end up talking about him... so far it's been nil.

  • FMIL - Jake's mom... she'll just be MIL later. that's pretty simple.

  • FGIL - Jake's German grama.... she's so cute!

  • Twin - Jake's twin brother

  • TOF - The other fiance - soon to be re-named, Twin's new wifey.

  • Bestest - my best friend from high school.

Those are all the 'key' players. If others come I'll just name them as I go.
Peace out home dogs!

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Elizabeth said...

Cheese-its are definitely my snack of choice from the vending machine as well!