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September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday!

Things I'm thankful for:
  • My Fiance - Passing the radiology tech registry. Going cake tasting with me. playing Mario Kart with me even though I know he wanted to play Wii golf or battle tanks. driving me almost everywhere. Paying for stuff so I can pay huge amounts to my credit card (they're the devil).... There is more. but I think that's good for today.
  • Signing the last vendor - Last night I contracted Anita Kline to do our cake... And she was the last vendor we needed. All the rest is up to me.
  • Unemployed FSIL - She knocked out all the shower invites because she was 'bored out of her mind'... I'm going to see if she's in that state again when it comes to class projects... maybe she'll just knock those out too.... Wishful thinking.
  • Sisters who understand - She's like an extension of my brain...
  • Helpful family - Jake's cousin and his girlfriend are helping us get into a really nice town house area.... We're doing a walk through on Sunday. Hopefully we'll put in our deposit then and get a move in date.
  • Project Runway - Enough said.
  • So You Think You Can Dance - Enough said.
A big thankful topic:
The General - Jake's former baseball coach is a multiple star general... Jake is able to call him whenever. When they signed up there was only 1 spot as radiology tech... The general made another spot so both of the boys would have one of the safest and most practical spots for their future medical career... The general was there to swear them in. He was a big help when Jake couldn't get home for his sister's wedding. Needless to say he got home in time. Whenever with of the twins needed to talk facts about a decision, the general has been there... He's an awesome guy who understands the trials of the national guard and deployment.... Jake is going to talk to him today about his options. I trust him to be straight up and not push Jake in any one direction... But to help him know whats true (which is so hard in the army) and whats not. From this conversation Jake will make the decision that will form the rest of our lives. he's been trying to decide about if he's going to stay in the army or not... As of right now he'll hit his 6 year mark in 3 years. That's when his current contract is up. If he signs into the ROTC program then he's in for another 6, I think... The current dilemma is that the army gives something at 10 years... I don't know if it's half pension or something else. But I know Jake doesn't like being in the army. He doesn't regret his decision at all. He's very proud to be a soldier...But he went through a lot of stuff that his twin didn't. He's had a lot more trouble with basic things. So he's tired of the trouble that comes with the paperwork and process of the army's organization. (does that make sense?).... So hopefully his talk with the general will open his eyes and help him make a very important decision. Plus he gets to pal around with his old coach.
kudos to good connections and truly genuine people!!!!


Crystal said...

Tankful huh?

erin.patrice said...

uggg why do you always ruin everything.... lol. fixing my spelling issues since the spell checker doesn't extend to the title bar.