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September 16, 2009

I Thought Today was Thursday... It's Not : (

The title says it all right? Good morning Wednesday.

Mom got a dress! Yay. It's awesome and is a really great silhouette for her. ignore her expression... I caught her off guard.

I'm very excited.

Jake has yet to ask 3 of his groomsmen to be in the wedding... still. It's getting frustrating.

I'm excited! I'm starting a new bible study tomorrow night with all the girls. 'Girls' includes mom, sister, FSIL, FMIL, possibly TOB and her mom.... and a friend of FSIL who also sells Mary Kay (under FSIL, like me) It's a good group of girls and I'm very excited considering the title of it is 'It's tough being a woman' or something to that effect, and it's centered on the book of Ester. Beth Moore is the creator of the series and it's going to last 10 weeks... ending the week before my wedding. So it's good guaranteed girl time with both families.

Speaking of FSIL. She is moving back to Columbus. She has been all over in the past year. Right after her wedding 2 years ago she moved out to Raleigh, NC for her husband's work. they were there for about 8 months then he was transferred to Charlot, NC... they stayed there for about 9 months and then he asked for a transfer to Cincinnati. Now that they're at least in Ohio her husband decided that he was OK with commuting when he needed to. So now they're in the contract stage of buying a house! Anyway She got more good news. She has her teaching license and had a hard time finding subbing positions in Cincinnati.... On Monday she got a call from our old high school, where she student taught, for a long term subbing position! Yay!

next up... Jake and a radiology tech position.

Tonight's plan: Meeting for cake tasting and hopefully a down payment.

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